Natural therapies for kidney disease and urinary tract infections

Natural therapies for kidney disease and urinary tract infections

Making sure we are adequately hydrated, along with the intake of a few targeted nutrients, can help support urinary tract health, which often becomes an area of concern as we grow older. Our protocols for kidney health, chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infection and other conditions provide practical information to help keep the urinary tract functioning at its best.

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There are several ways to proactively maintain kidney, bladder and urinary tract health—but they are different for men and women.

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What are healthy foods for kidney disease?

Because high blood sugar and high blood pressure are the top contributors to chronic kidney disease, you want to choose a diet that helps maintain blood sugar and blood pressure within healthy parameters. The Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diets are low in animal protein and simple carbohydrates, and high in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and fiber. Either of these diets would be a good choice for someone trying to minimize their risk for kidney disease. If you already have kidney disease, it is important to talk with your doctor regarding any specific dietary recommendations or restrictions.

What does urine color say about a person's health?

Urine color can provide valuable information about health. Pale yellow urine often indicates you are drinking plenty of fluid, while dark yellow urine may be a sign you are not drinking enough. Fluorescent yellow urine can result from taking b-vitamins, and certain medications can turn the urine a variety of hues. Urine that is red, brown, cloudy or otherwise unusual should be reported to a medical professional as this can indicate bleeding, liver damage or an infection, among other causes.

Is there a natural remedy for urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence has multiple causes, but one of the most common is a weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. A well-researched exercise called Kegels, which involves repeatedly tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, has been shown to help with this type of incontinence. In addition, water-soluble pumpkin seed extract may help support the pelvic floor muscles and urinary sphincters. In men, the prostate gland can enlarge or become irritated, which can lead to urinary symptoms. Pygeum africanum bark extract and phytochemical beta-sitosterol are two nutrients targeting urinary concerns specific to men.

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Sodium Bicarbonate as a Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease

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Innovative Strategies to Combat Kidney Disease

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