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1000 mg, 100 vegetarian capsules
Item# 01669



Amino acid that promotes healthy sleep

1000 mg, 100 vegetarian capsules
Item# 01669


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  • Glycine
  • 1000 mg, 100 vegetarian capsules
  • Item Catalog Number: 01669

Glycine is a conditionally essential amino acid that serves as both an inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitter.1-3 It is the chemically simplest and most omnipresent of all the amino acids. It combines with many toxic substances, converting them to harmless forms which are then excreted.4,5

This amino acid has a calming effect on the brain and is also involved in growth.6-15 Research suggests that glycine may help promote deeper sleep.3,7,8 Glycine also has a positive impact on attention and memory in adults.6-19 Glycine may also help boost the immune defense system and has oxidative stress regulating effects.20-23

Most people need to take between one to three grams of glycine to be effective even though studies show high doses are safe.24,25 However, most glycine products are only available in 500 mg capsules. That makes taking higher doses cumbersome and costly. However, Life Extension’s glycine comes in easy-to-swallow 1000-mg capsules.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsules

Amount Per Serving


1000 mg

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), ascorbyl palmitate.

Dosage and Use
  • Take one (1) to three (3) capsules on an empty stomach at bedtime, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.


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