Strengthening Your Brain Health

Strengthening Your Brain Health

The brain is one of our most complicated organs. Discover how a healthy diet and lifestyle can help maintain brain health. Working memory is believed to decrease by roughly 10 percent per decade after the age of 40. Beneficial supplements, such as spearmint extract, have been shown in clinical studies to help support your memory. Lifestyle, relationships and diet also play key roles in maintaining optimal brain health.

Keeping the Brain in Shape

General Brain Health

A healthy diet, exercise, restful sleep, personal relationships and mental challenges all contribute to brain health.

Brain Health Information & Research

How can I support my memory and concentration?

Eating a healthy diet rich in healthy fats and minimally processed plant-based foods is key for brain health. Exercise and adequate sleep are crucial, as well. Another important factor for brain and mental health, especially over time, is maintaining a vibrant social network and making sure you cope with stress in a healthy way. Undertaking mentally stimulating challenges, such as learning a new skill, is helpful at any age.

How can I support my short term memory?

You can challenge your short-term memory with “brain training” techniques: memory games that may help your brain process and recall certain types of information in the short term. However, it’s not entirely clear how far this support extends beyond the specific tasks you practice.

Which foods increase brain health?

Don’t worry too much about specific foods. Try to eat an overall healthy diet. The Mediterranean diet is a good example of a healthy eating pattern that is good for the brain. It’s rich in healthy fats and low in processed sugars and starches. Also, the Mediterranean diet provides lots of healthful plant-derived compounds that promote healthy blood flow and help inhibit inflammatory factors.

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