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Late-Breaking News and More on the Life Extension Website

Where can you find breaking health news, comprehensive disease-prevention protocols, and one-stop shopping for all your nutritional supplement needs? The new Life Extension website has every tool and resource you need to pursue a complete anti-aging program.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in January 2021. Written by: Dave Tuttle.

After nearly a year of intensive effort, a vastly improved Life Extension website is now up and running. This new-generation site offers daily access to at least four late-breaking news items—information that can make a huge difference to your health.

The revamped website also offers a variety of other useful features—everything from access to articles in previous issues of Life Extension magazine to on-line purchasing using our completely new, state-of-the-art shopping cart system.

Life Extension has pulled out all the stops to create a site that offers unprecedented access to information on anti-aging medicine, including the latest versions of our extensive, one-of-a-kind disease-prevention protocols. With so many upgraded features, it is no wonder that Life Extension members are calling the website an indispensable health information resource.

The Latest Health Facts at Your Fingertips

There are many ways you can access information on the website. Quick links on our home page can immediately connect you to a topic of interest, or you can choose subjects using the drop-down menus located at the top of each page. Either way, you will obtain the latest information on numerous anti-aging topics, authoritatively compiled by our distinguished scientists and product specialists. The following “Top 10” will help you get the most out of our website.

1. Search for Updated Information on Health Concerns

There are several different ways to access information on a specific health condition or disorder. On the right-hand column of the home page near the top is a picture of Life Extension’s Disease Prevention and Treatment book. Underneath the book is a listing of health concerns in alphabetical order, beginning with Acetaminophen and NSAID Poisoning. Scroll down to your condition of interest, then click on the condition to highlight it. Next, click on the green Browse Health Concern button beneath the list. The latest version of the protocol will appear on your screen. Here you will find information on traditional and alternative therapies for more than 100 medical conditions, along with natural agents that can be of benefit in preventing and managing these conditions.

If you would like to print the protocol for your use at home, simply click on the Printer-Friendly icon above the protocol title. A reformatted version of the protocol will appear on your screen in a separate window. Click on Print This in the upper right-hand corner of this window and the protocol will print on your home or office printer. If you want to email a protocol to a friend, click on the Email this Page icon above the protocol title. A Send Email window will appear on your screen.

Fill in your friend’s email address and your name and address, adding any additional message you would like include in the message section. Then click on Email Now beneath the message box to send your protocol.

You can also access protocols through our search engine, which is located to the right of the blue bar underneath the words Life Extension near the top of the each page. Type in the name of your health concern (or any other topic of interest) in the white box, then click on Search. The search results are listed in this order: Hand Picked Product Results, LE Magazine, Products, Health Concerns, and LEF News. Click on the search result you wish to read for a complete description. If you would like to arrange your magazine search results in chronological order, scroll up to the top of the results, click on Bring Newer Results First, and click on the Search button right above it.

2. Learn About Threats to Your Health Freedom

The drug companies and the FDA are continually threatening our health freedoms. In their perfect world, dietary supplements would be controlled by FDA bureaucrats and be available only from drug companies at exorbitant prices. Here you can learn about the latest threats to health freedom by reading Consumer Alerts, located in the middle column of the home page near the bottom. Click on a topic of interest to read recent articles on this subject.

Some articles include a link to a petition that you can send to your political representatives. There may also be links to other organizations that are assisting Life Extension in these key battles. Click on View Archive to see the entire list of available articles. If you want to write your congressional representative, click on Take Action Now in the Consumer Alerts section to send a quick form letter or a personalized letter. Check this section of the website frequently, as the drug companies and the FDA never rest in their quest for domination. Ongoing action is needed to keep them at bay. You can access our Legislative Action Center directly by visiting

3. Register to Participate in a Clinical Trial

Life Extension is constantly working to develop the latest cutting-edge products to promote optimal health and longevity. While a review of the scientific literature is always undertaken, questions often arise concerning ideal dosing and nutrient combinations. Sometimes these questions can be answered only by conducting in-house clinical trials. Several trials are currently being organized and are actively seeking volunteers. To learn more and sign up to participate in a study, position your mouse over Health Concerns in the blue bar near the top of the page and then click on Clinical Research on the drop-down menu. For each study, the qualification criteria are listed along with additional information of interest.

4. Read Up-to-the-Minute News Briefs

Life Extension is constantly searching for the most up-to-date information to help our members live longer, healthier lives, so we encourage you to visit the website daily to learn of fast-breaking health news. Articles in the Daily News are selected from newspapers and other media sources from around the world. The Daily News section is located on the left-hand column of the home page. Click on a headline to access the full article. Beneath the top four stories is a More News button, which links to an archive of stories that have appeared in the previous 30 days.

You will also find a What’s Hot section in the upper part of the middle column of the home page. Updated three times weekly, this section contains original articles summarizing late-breaking studies published in the world’s leading medical journals. Topics are selected with an eye toward providing practical information, though more technical or theoretical topics may be included if they are relevant to the science of aging or a medical breakthrough. Click on the headline to view the news item. A chronological listing of the articles will then appear. Scroll down to see articles that were added earlier. The articles are archived for eight years.

Each item on the News pull-down menu links to additional fact-filled pages. Newsletter Archive connects to the “Life Extension Update,” our biweekly “e-zine.” Here you will find information on how to subscribe to the e-zine, along with the current issue and a two-year archive of past issues. Next on the menu is the LEF Forum, which allows visitors to interact with one another on the website. The Forum offers a place where visitors can share their experiences with medical conditions, nutrients, or just about any other topic. Life Extension has received valuable input from the Forum as well. Last on the menu is the Events section, which provides detailed updates on conferences, seminars, and meetings on longevity-related topics. In addition, if you click on News instead of waiting for the drop-down menu to appear, you get a page containing all of the items mentioned above.

5. View the Best Products for Particular Conditions

Our website offers extensive information on natural ways to address your health concerns. In the middle of the right-hand column on the home page is the Shop Quality Supplements section. Here you will find a list of categories in alphabetical order. Scroll down until you see your topic of choice, click on the topic to highlight it, and then click on Shop Online Now. A list of all products related to this topic will appear. Each product has a blue box that contains a brief description of its characteristics and benefits.

Click on More Details to bring up an entire page of information on the supplement. You will find information on scientific studies related to nutrients contained in the product, as well as serving size, number of servings per container, the amount of each nutrient in a serving, and the recommended dosage. Information on the best products for a condition can also be found at the end of each disease protocol along with suggested dosages. You can access the protocol by scrolling down to the bottom of the product page and clicking on the links in the Protocols section.

6. Find Out More About a Certain Product

Another way to find information on products is to use the Products drop-down menu. Just mouse over Products on the blue bar on the home page. This opens up the Product Finder, which links to many different pages. If you know the name of the product, enter it in the Search Keyword/Phrase box on the upper left side of this page, and then click on Find It. If you know the catalog number, enter it in the Catalog Number box and click on Find It. In both cases, a specialized page for the product will then appear.

The Product Finder offers you other options as well. To get an alphabetical listing of products, click on Product Index in the left-hand column. To get detailed information on a certain category of products, click on your topic of interest in the Product Categories section, located on the right side of Product Finder. To learn about Life Extension’s Top 10 Steps for Optimal Health, just click on the link in the middle of the left column. Another valuable item on the drop-down menu includes New Products, providing information on Life Extension’s newest dietary supplements. You can learn about our most popular formulas and blood tests as well. In all cases, you can easily purchase the product of your choice through convenient links.

Once you have selected a product, the website offers the most up-to-date shopping system available. Instead of forcing you to repeat information with each order, the site now contains an address book that allows you to store ship-to addresses. Just click on the one you want for each order. The site also has additional security features, so you can be assured that your personal data will always remain confidential. Just click on Add to Cart if you want to buy a particular product and complete your order. Our website allows you to make selections at your leisure at any time of the day or night.

7. Review Magazine Articles on a Topic

On the website, you can find all of the articles mentioning a particular word or topic that have appeared in the magazine in the last decade. Go to the search engine and type in your topic. Then click on Search. The results of this search will appear just as they do when you search for a protocol. Scroll down to the LE Magazine section and then click on the link for the article. You can browse it on-line, print it, or email it to a friend. For your convenience, the word you searched for will be highlighted in yellow, so you can easily scroll through the article looking for paragraphs where your topic is discussed in greatest detail.

8. Print an Article from a Previous Issue

There may have been occasions when you lent your copy of Life Extension to a friend and never got it back. If you recently became a member, you might want to review articles from issues that were published several years ago. In either case, clicking on Magazine in the blue bar gives you access to all articles published in the last 10 years and selected issues going back as far as 1995. The website provides the entire article, including the references. This menu even lets you subscribe to the magazine, should you wish to sample it before becoming a member.

You can read our previous month’s issue or access earlier articles by clicking on a year in the Archive section and then on the month you want. If you want to read the main cover story, click on Read This Article. Clicking on the magazine cover or issue date will bring up the table of contents for the entire issue. Just click on the link for the article you wish to read. If you would like to print it, click on the Printer icon (the middle icon to the right of the LE Magazine tab).

A reformatted version of the article will appear on your screen in a separate window. Just click on Print This in the upper right-hand corner of the window and the article will print. If you want to email an article to a friend, click on the Email icon (to the right of the Printer icon). A Send Email window will appear on your screen. Fill in your friend’s email address and your name and address, adding any additional message you would like in the message section. Then click on Email Now beneath the message box to send the article. With our new website, you can now read and share all of Life Extension’s back issues.

9. Find an Innovative Doctor in Your Area

While more doctors have come to recognize the benefits of alternative medicine, it still may be difficult to find such a doctor in your area. To access the latest version of Life Extension’s Directory of Innovative Doctors, mouse over Health Concerns on the blue bar. This opens a menu with a variety of health-related information. Scroll down and click on Innovative Doctors. You will see a listing of states and more than 30 countries. Click on the appropriate link and a list of doctors is shown by city in alphabetical order. The address, phone number, and address of the doctor are displayed, along with an email address and website if available. Clicking on the doctor’s website will connect you directly to that site.

The Health Concerns section also has an extensive discussion of European Therapies and Anti-aging Therapies. Scroll through these sections to find out about therapeutic options that the FDA has not yet approved but have been used successfully in other countries. This will help you keep abreast of clinically verified health information from across the globe.

10. Learn About Life Extension-Funded Research

Life Extension is the only nutritional supplement company that funds scientific research designed to slow aging and dramatically extend the healthy human life span. While other companies pocket their profits, we channel money into critical research projects that could very well save your life. Learn more by clicking on Funded Research, located in the Health Concerns section on the blue bar. Click on Track Record in the About Us section for a review of Life Extension’s achievements over the years.

Your Number-One Health Resource

Life Extension’s goal is to make our website your first resource for health information on the Internet, and the only one you will ever need. If you have any suggestions on how the site can be improved, please mouse over About Us on the blue bar and then Contact LEF to access our main email addresses and toll-free phone numbers. Clicking on About LEF gives you the address of our administrative offices, Retail Store provides the location and hours of our store, and FAQs provides answers to the 35 most frequently asked questions about Life Extension. In addition, the About Us menu provides information on career opportunities with Life Extension and links to a variety of related organizations, as well as information about our advisory boards, our affiliate program, and other topics.

With its enhanced graphics and easy-to-use menus and links, the Life Extension website is an invaluable health resource. Whether you want to find a disease protocol, print a magazine article, or buy a cutting-edge product, we offer the information you need in a user-friendly format. Be sure to visit the website daily for the latest developments in anti-aging research. And stay tuned for even more improvements in the future. Our dedicated website staff is committed to making your site of choice for the most current and comprehensive information on optimal health and longevity.

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