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Dr. Michael Zacharia

Dr. Michael Zacharia is a leading surgeon for facial rejuvenation as well as a proponent of innovative anti-aging medicine. Now, Dr. Zacharia will be hosting the inaugural A5M conference in Australia to discuss the latest research in longevity medicine.

Scientifically reviewed by: Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: Life Extension Editorial Staff.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (known as the A4M) is the world’s leading professional, organization dedicated to training doctors to fight aging. By exploring and applying innovative diagnostic and medical interventions, the A4M provdes guidance to physicians to detect, prevent, and treat aging-related diseases. With a membership of 11,500 physicians and scientists, the A4M is represented in over 65 countries. It regularly holds conferences around the world to disseminate the latest information about many types of longevity therapies.

A new member to the conference circuit, the AustralAsian arm of the A4M (A5M: AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) will be holding its inaugural conference from October 20th to 24th, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. The president of the A5M is Dr. Michael Zacharia, a specialist ear, nose and throat (ENT) and facial plastic surgeon, who is known for his experience in using a combination of medical and surgical techniques in facial rejuvenation.

The A5M meeting will see Dr. Zacharia’s passion for anti-aging and life extension medicine come to the fore. Dr. Zacharia qualified in Medicine at Adelaide University (MBBS) in 1987 and subsequently completed his advanced training in ENT Surgery. He received his Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in 1996 as a specialist surgeon qualified to perform ENT surgery and head and neck surgery. During this period Dr. Zacharia performed over 200 rhinoplasties.

In 1997, he completed a six-month fellowship with the well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Harry Glassman. This furthered Dr. Zacharia’s knowledge in various aspects of cosmetic surgery of the face and body.

It was during this fellowship that Dr. Zacharia was first introduced to another form of medicine that had him excited: anti-aging medicine. “I am trained in cosmetic surgery and most of my patients want to feel younger as well as look younger. When I was studying in Los Angeles in 1997, a patient had commenced himself on growth hormone to stay younger and this sparked my initial interest. I began to explore this further; researching, studying, and attending conferences internationally. I encourage my patients to consider anti-aging medicine, whenever they come to see me for their cosmetic medicine and surgical needs. I believe my patients appreciate my concerns for their inner health and well-being.”

Dr. Zacharia took his passion for anti-aging medicine a giant leap forward when he helped set up New Ageing International in Australia in 2004, to provide a holistic approach to the science of slowing and reversing the symptoms of aging.

“New Ageing International was established with the mission of becoming one of the world’s leading providers of innovative anti-aging products and treatments, designed to enhance your health and natural beauty by limiting the overall effects of aging through a blend of natural and medical science.”

Dr. Zacharia’s personal health and anti-aging regime includes a range of vitamin and hormone supplements. “Genetics are certainly important and I am fortunate to have good genes; nevertheless, I have high cholesterol and take cholesterol-reducing medications. My testosterone level is a bit low so I use a compounded cream containing 10% testosterone and 5% chrysin on a daily basis, as well as DHEA, thyroid extract, omega-3 fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, and multivitamins. I am presently using growth hormone to supplement my low levels. All the medications are based on blood tests and prescribed accordingly.”

Along with Dr. Zacharia’s busy practice in Sydney, he is joint owner of a five-bed overnight facility at the Bondi Junction Private Hospital. He also visits Melbourne, Brisbane, and Darwin performing all aspects of cosmetic facial plastic surgery and practicing his anti-aging techniques.

“I think that as the population is getting older, the average age higher and the lifespan longer, people are going to want to live a longer, healthier life. That is what anti-aging is all about. In the field of cosmetic surgery, a much smaller percentage of men and women are willing to proceed with this; however, anti-aging medicine is attractive to a higher percentage of men and women. Who doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier life? I can see this field exploding in Australia as we become more fitness conscious. The new frontiers are certainly in the realms of stem cells and gene technology.”