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Life Extension Magazine

November 2007

Novel Cancer Treatment Program

For too long, cancer patients have been at the mercy of an "assembly line" health care system that prioritizes profits over patient care. The new International Strategic Cancer Alliance creates individualized therapies designed by oncology experts based on the latest scientific data.


Slashing Breast-Prostate Cancer Risks

Aging cells accumulate DNA mutations that can cause cancer.The encouraging news is that compounds from cruciferous vegetables, soy, and other plants, plus vitamin D, can drastically lower the risk of certain cancers.

Protecting your Hearing

If you’re one of the millions battling hearing loss, new research shows that key nutrients can save your hearing. Dr. Michael Seidman, a leading otolaryngologist, describes natural ways to prevent hearing loss.

Revitalize Your Aging Neck

Unhealthy looking skin on our neck can often reveal our age. Learn how youth-restoring nutrients can protect this vulnerable area of our skin against the ravages of aging and environmental stressors.

Preventing Cognitive Decline

Declining pregnenolone levels with age too often results in cognitive failure, anxiety, and depression. Research now shows that optimal levels of pregnenolone can preserve memory and enhance neurological function.

Supermodel Health Secrets

Twelve years ago, supermodel Carol Alt suffered countless health problems as well as depression. Read how she turned her life around through a revitalizing plan of supplementation and eating raw foods.


As We See It

As We See It

While the government squanders tens of billions of dollars, Life Extension is directly funding cancer research that could result in rapid development of new lifesaving anticancer drugs and protocols for those stricken with this horrendous disease today.


Super Foods

Watercress, a relative of the cruciferous vegetable family, has been found to contain an abundance of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and carotenoid nutrients that help fight cancer and diseases of the eyes and heart.

In The News

Resveratrol suppresses prostate cancer; FDA sued for Provenge® delay; coenzyme Q10 improves endothelial function; low vitamin D increases blood pressure; vitamin C guards against arthritis; Calorie Restriction Society’s workshop changes lives; and more.


Wellness Profile

Dr. Michael Zacharia is a leading surgeon for facial rejuvenation as well as a proponent of innovative anti-aging medicine. Now, Dr. Zacharia will be hosting the inaugural A5M conference in Australia to discuss the latest research in longevity medicine.

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