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Age Reversal Update

A confluence of scientific findings is enabling the Age- Reversal Network to formalize a clinical trial concept whereby the regenerative effects of a series of protocols will be evaluated over an extended period.

Scientifically reviewed by Dr. Gary Gonzalez, MD, in August 2023. Written by: William Faloon.

This article describes a wish list I am working on for this year’s Revolution Against Aging and Death conference (RAADfest 2019).

What you need to know

Various updates on the progress made from scientific research on age-reversal and the highlights from the Revolution Against Age and Death conference. Make sure you haven’t missed anything. Read all about it in this update.

I also distinguish between the two full time jobs I have, so that you understand the difference between Life Extension® and the Age-Reversal Network.

Most of you support Life Extension by utilizing our lab test services along with science-based nutrient formulas.

Proceeds are contributed to other, entirely distinct organizations to help fund activities related to combatting government malfeasance and supporting biomedical research.

I support both of these activities because inappropriate bureaucratic actions hinder lifesaving advances.

A growing number of our supporters want to do more than delay aging and reduce disease risks. They want to participate in clinical trials and/or self-experiment (under physician supervision) with groundbreaking techniques that demonstrate rejuvenation effects in lab animals and in small, proof-of-concept human studies.

For these individuals, a public benefit group called Age-Reversal Network has been formed. Its mission is to identify, evaluate, and validate regenerative medicine interventions that appear to be working and detect those that are not.

The Age-Reversal Network consists of dedicated physicians, scientists, and lay people who recognize that it may now be possible to enable old people to at least partially grow biologically younger.

Indicators of age-reversal are determined by clinical measures (such as lowered blood pressure), aging biomarkers (such as reduced inflammation) and symptomatic improvements (such as better sleep/greater exercise endurance).

People interested in receiving free email Age-Reversal Updates can register at:

For those who want to wait for more concrete evidence, your support of Life Extension enables me to contribute more funding to age-reversal research groups, while availing yourself to nutritional protocols based on our 39-year commitment to longer, healthy lifespans.

A side benefit to the age-reversal research is the design of nutrient formulas that have similar regenerative mechanisms as those being demonstrated in human studies.

Working two full-time jobs is challenging. The prospect of regaining youthful functionality, however, has become a relentless passion for me. We are so close to meaningful success. The thought of squandering time on something like a vacation is impossible to contemplate.

This article provides updates on age-reversal interventions and an unprecedented plan by the Age-Reversal Network to launch a clinical trial this year designed to keep study participants alive and functional for an indefinite period.

The Concept of Age Management

Chase, Bill, and Chance Faloon

In 1980, the first edition of Anti-Aging News was published. This newsletter provided information about ways of slowing degenerative aging processes.

While the media ridiculed this notion, a study published in 2018 documented an almost 4-year delay in the rate of biological aging that occurred in the period of 1988 to 2010.

This study found that the degree of age delay had a lot to do with modifiable health behaviors, many that were suggested in early publications of Anti-Aging News.

This means people like you, who engage in healthy lifestyle choices, are likely to be degenerating at a far slower rate than the national average age delay of 4 years.

Prospect of Human Age-Reversal

From 1980-2014, groups I work with focused on disease prevention, identifying better treatments, and slowing specific aging mechanisms.

Beginning in 2014, a convergence of published studies indicated that it might be possible to reverse many aspects of biological aging.

This was demonstrated in a series of parabiosis studies whereby the circulatory systems of old mice were joined together with young mice. Consistent results documented systemic rejuvenation along with lifespan increases in longer studies.

While human studies to emulate these parabiosis findings are in planning phases, a number of other interventions have emerged that are easier to administer and far less costly.

At RAADfest 2018, I announced a sequential order of age-reversal interventions based on animal data and findings from small, human proof-of-concept studies.

RAADfest 2018 attendees were provided with a printed booklet to guide them step-by-step on a logical approach to emulate animal studies that were revealing age delay, age-reversal, and in some cases, improvements in healthy survival.

For the first time in history, people had a roadmap to potential systemic rejuvenation interventions.


Challenges in Implementing the Interventions


The problem for those who wanted to follow the sequential order of interventions was finding physicians to prescribe the medications and oversee the patients, identifying affordable sources of the medications, and collecting consistent baseline and follow-up data.

Collection and analysis of these data is critical to monitor how effectively these interventions are working on larger groups of maturing people with differing underlying age-related pathologies.

I had hoped that physicians and participants would follow as much as possible the guidelines disseminated in the RAADfest 2018 booklet, along with the two RAADfest 2018 presentations I made.

Instead, many physicians and participants used some of the recommendations we freely distributed while omitting others. Gaining access to affordable sources was a challenge and there were often no qualified physicians in locations where participants resided.

So we had to go back to the drawing board to accelerate implementation of an intensive study of interventions that may help rejuvenate elderly individuals and save their lives.

The clinical trial I describe next is not yet confirmed, but represents what dedicated groups are seeking to accomplish this year based on favorable results from human proof-of-concept studies.

Please know that full-time scientists, as well as numerous volunteers at the Age-Reversal Network, are working around the clock to turn what you’re about to read into reality this year!


ScienceDaily® March 16, 2018

  • Men decreased biological age by 4.29 years
  • Women decreased biological age by 3.63 years
  • 2018 study found degree of age delay has a lot to do with modifiable behaviors.
    (Benefit found in men and women aged 60-79 years from 1988 to 2010.)

Morgan E. Levine, Eileen M. Crimmins. Is 60 the new 50? Examining Changes in Biological Age Over the Past Two Decades. Demography, 2018;DOI:10.1007/s13524-017-0644-5.

American Heart Association® February 8, 2019

  • Newcastle University Scientists are Killing Zombie Cells to Reverse Age-Related Damage in the Heart
    • “... senescent cells – also known as zombie cells – form in the heart during aging and lead to heart failure.”
    • ”Newcastle scientists, in collaboration with researchers in the Mayo Clinic... have not only discovered how this process takes place in the heart, but also how it can be reversed or treated.”

American Heart Association® May 21, 2018

  • NAD+ May Improve Heart Function
    • “Stabilizing the intracellular NAD+ level represents a promising therapeutic strategy to improve myocardial bioenergetics and cardiac function.”
    • “In this issue of Circulation, Diguet et al report exciting data suggesting that supplementation with a NAD+ precursor, nicotinamide riboside, reduces cardiac dysfunction in preclinical models of heart failure.”

Life Extension Magazine® March 2002

  • In 2001, the government banned stem cell research in any facility that received federal funding. This stopped most stem cell research.
  • Life Extension sought to overturn this federal ban, but did not win this battle. We must never again allow the government to interfere with lifesaving biomedical research.

First-Ever, Multi-Modal, Human Age-Reversal Study

A confluence of scientific findings has enabled the Age-Reversal Network to help formalize a clinical trial concept whereby the regenerative effects of a series of protocols will be evaluated over an extended time period.

This human study is seeking institutional review board approval to initiate a sequential order of plausible age-reversal interventions and to collect data on each subject to assess clinical measures and aging biomarkers.

At RAADfest 2019, we expect that those interested in participating can meet with study physicians from around the United States (and other countries).

In many cases, those who enroll can begin the first of several interventions during the RAADfest 2019 conference that will be held in Las Vegas on October 3-6, 2019.

Funding is being raised to enable the first 50 subjects to participate at a very low cost. The reason a minimum enrollment fee is being assessed is to ensure that people continue in the program. When considering the value of the medications and blood tests provided to study subjects, this nominal deposit represents a huge cost savings.

After the initial 50 subjects are enrolled, the remainder will have to self-fund their own costs of participating in this clinical trial until more donations are received. Please know we are scouring the Internet pharmacies for the lowest cost sources of quality interventions and paying the costs of assaying them for purity and potency.

This article provides details about this clinical trial and what you will learn at this year’s RAADfest.

RAADfest Annual Conference
Revolution Against Aging and Death
October 3-6, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Perpetual Clinical Trial

After nearly 5 years of persistent advocacy, it became clear that a formal network of physicians was needed to initiate a meaningful long-term clinical study. This requires IRB (institutional review board) approval for the various interventions that will be studied, along with a broad range of datasets to measure rejuvenation efficacy.

This type of multi-center study is the only way we can validate our evolving sequential order of age-reversal interventions that include:

  • AMPK activation (along with suppressing excess mTORC1)
  • Restoring youthful NAD+ levels
  • Eliminating senescent cells (senolytic therapy)
  • Rapamycin (autophagy inducer)
  • Stem cell exosome factors from several sources (biologics)
  • Additional interventions (as we validate them in pilot studies)

There are now a variety of options to accomplish Steps 1 through 5 of the interventions listed on the previous page.

We’ve established a new charity to raise funding for the first 50 study subjects. While I and a few others continue to financially support several research initiatives, the costs of this unprecedented Perpetual Clinical Trial will require tax deductible contributions from those with the wherewithal to do so.

Please know that there are no salaried employees or other overhead expenses that typically eat up a substantial portion of a charity’s budget. I donate my time as well as my personal monies to accelerate these research endeavors.

The significance of this research is so profound that physicians are donating their time, along with their office overhead to enable these projects to advance.

We’ve reached a point, however, whereby a formalized study is needed with hard costs built in to ensure we deliver quality medications and meticulously measure the results in the initial study group of 50 aging humans.

We call it “The Perpetual Clinical Trial” because there is no upper limit to how long we will attempt to restore youthful functionality in elderly individuals. In addition to the 50 initial study subjects, we expect many more will join this study group on a self-funded basis.

I ask those with the wherewithal to prioritize this charitable endeavor and send a tax-deductible check to:

Human Age-Reversal Project
300 NE 20th St. Apt. 409
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Most of you reading this, like me, are aging and cannot wait for others to do a multi-center clinical trial involving a sequential order of age-reversal interventions. These therapies have demonstrated degrees of efficacy in proof-of-concept studies that I and a few others have helped support over the past several years.


JAMA® September 17, 2018

  • Aging, Cell Senescence, and Chronic Disease: Emerging Therapeutic Strategies 
    • “…many human pathologic conditions are associated with the presence of senescent cells.”
    • “Interventions aimed at eliminating those senescent cells, commonly called senolytic, have also been shown to improve health and extend life in various mouse disease models.
    • “If senolytics are shown to be safe and effective in humans, they could transform care of older adults and patients with multiple chronic diseases.”

Mayo Clinic, Wake Forest, and University of Texas Sciences Center January 7, 2019

  • First Human Senolytic Findings Published
    • “Researchers have published findings from a safety and feasibility clinical trial on the removal of senescent cells from a small group of patients with pulmonary fibrosis.
      The researchers used a drug called a senolytic—dasatinib plus quercetin, an open-label drug, to clear the senescent cells.”
    • Jamie N. Justice, Anoop M. Nambiar, Tamar Tchkonia, Nathan K. LeBrasseur, Rodolfo Pascual, Shahrukh K. Hashmi, Larissa Prata, Michal M. Masternak, Stephen B. Kritchevsky, Nicolas Musi, James L. Kirkland. Senolytics in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Results from a first-in-human, open-label, pilot study. EBioMedicine, 2019; DOI: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2018.12.052

What We Plan for RAADfest 2019

I have a track record of taking on ambitious projects that sometimes succeed, like defeating the FDA and other bureaucracies in what were considered “impossible to win” court cases.

I also helped initiate and push through federal legislation to protect consumer access to low-cost dietary supplements.

My plan for this year’s RAADfest is to have age-reversal interventions available to attendees during the morning and evening periods. This includes physician consultations, NAD+ patches or infusions, physician-determined prescriptions for metformin (AMPK activator), dasatinib (senolytic), rapamycin (autophagy inducer) and other regenerative interventions.

There may even be physicians able to administer stem cell exosomes during the breaks at the conference.

The Age-Reversal Network is carefully evaluating several options that include umbilical cord stem cells and/or umbilical cord plasma/exosomes, laboratory harvested exosomes, and more. We seek to validate what appears to be working from those therapies that have not yet demonstrated efficacy.

So at this year’s RAADfest, you will see live, on-stage presentations by physicians and scientists on the cutting edge of rejuvenation research and hopefully gain access to some of these interventions during the conference.

The challenge of organizing and coordinating this program is enormous. It’s never been attempted with a large group like this.

The benefits of RAADfest attendees gaining immediate access to potential age-reversal interventions (instead of just watching presentations about them) are too important to delay. I want RAADfest attendees to not only learn about a wealth of lifesaving information, but to have the option of utilizing some of these approaches while at RAADfest.

I next describe how you can register to attend the RAADfest 2019 event. For those who cannot attend but want to keep informed, I suggest you enroll to receive free email updates at the Age-Reversal Network website:

How to Register for RAADfest 2019

Benjamin Franklin

Prophetic Letter
Benjamin Franklin, in a 1780 letter
to scientist Joseph Priestly said of the future:

“All diseases may by sure means be
prevented or cured, not excepting that
of old age, and our lives lengthened at
pleasure even beyond the (current) standard…”



What distinguishes RAADfest from other scientific conferences is keeping the group of attendees, speakers, physicians/scientists together throughout most of the event.

This includes free organic lunches and dinner where the group moves from the lecture hall to a dining room for one-on-one interactions. We don’t want anyone to feel lost in the crowd. We are ALL in this together.

Several registration packages are offered for RAADfest. Each package provides extraordinary value that includes several organic meals, lodging on site, as well as other attractive extras. Not to mention the exceptional information and experience that RAADfest offers.

RAADfest Annual Conference
Revolution Against Aging and Death
October 3-6, 2019 • Las Vegas, Nevada

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