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Age-Reversal Update 2021-2022

Advances in the sciences of age-delay and age-reversal were presented at the annual RAADfest 2022 conference.

By William Faloon.

In October 2022, I gave the keynote talk to open a 4-day event where physicians and scientists presented findings on combatting biological aging.

My presentation was limited to 55-minutes.

I could have taken the entire day based on the abundance of new data to report.

I opened my talk by stating that there had been more advances in the fields of age-delay and age-reversal over the prior 12 months than in any one-year period in human history.

This article summarizes highlights of my presentation at the Revolution Against Aging and Death (RAADfest) conference held in San Diego on October 6-9, 2022.

Mainstream Media Coverage

The science of age reversal continues to garner favorable media coverage.

I presented a few of the many news outlets’ reports on regenerative medicine advances including:

  • CBS News: Can we reset our biological clocks?
  • New Scientist: How to GROW YOUNGER
  • New York Times: Can a Magic Protein Slow the Aging Process?

A Biological Renaissance

We are in the midst of a biomedical renaissance whereby human life spans are markedly improving.

As with the European Renaissance, few people today understand the magnitude of the scientific gains.

Nearly 3 times more Americans were alive aged 100 and older in 2020 compared to 1980.

The number of American centenarians is expected to surge 7-fold higher by 2060.

The age-adjusted death rate has plummeted. This means the increase in centenarians is not only due to more people, but that older people are living longer.

And since year 1990, nearly 70% of mortality reductions have occurred in Americans over age 65. This reflects significant longevity gains in older segments of the American population. (Which includes a lot of our readers including me!)

Where you Live Determines How Long You May Live

I displayed a map showing a nearly 9-year disparity in life expectancy between Mississippi and Hawaii.

I pointed out that people living in states where healthier lifestyles are practiced enjoy longer disease-free lifespans.

Much of this longevity disparity is attributable to dietary differences. I listed toxic foods to avoid on the next slide.

I present this list of toxic foods during many of my talks to reinforce healthier dietary practices.

Billionaires and Government Fund Age-Reversal Research

In January 2022, the largest age-reversal project in history was announced, with $3 billion committed by billionaires (like Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel) and the National Institutes of Aging.

This is a venture between the federal government and the ultra-wealthy seeking methods to delay and reverse aging!

Five months later (June 2022), MIT announced the Saudi Royal Family has started a nonprofit group that plans to spend up to $1 billion a year to do “research on the biology of aging and find ways to extend the number of years people live in good health.”

Human Genome 100% Sequenced

In 2003, scientists sequenced 92% of the human genome. This caused the lay public to think the entire human genome had been sequenced.

In March 2022, scientists annouced that 100% of the human genome had been sequenced.

That means the gene editing therapies being studied now (such as CRISPR) may be used to combat virtually every disease, including aging itself.

Human Trial using CRISPR Gene Therapy

A monkey trial published in May 2021 showed a single CRISPR gene therapy injection lowered cholesterol by 60% and kept it low. This same research transitioned into a human trial that initiated studies in July 2022—only a 14-month gap between primate and human research!

Historically, it has taken much longer to transition successful animal research into clinical trials.

CRISPR technology has even advanced to the point of engineering stronger immune T-cells to kill more tumor cells as reported in August 2022. This might help enable aging humans to escape the lethal impact of immune senescence.

Age Reversal in Live Mice

As researcher’s zero in on rejuvenation strategies, a promising near-term solution is to use “transcription factors” to turn “on” pro-youth genes and turn “off” senescent-inducing genes.

Transcription factors reprogram the genes of old cells, so the old cells can transform into young cells.

The next two slides help further explain “transcription factors”.

On March 7, 2022, the world awoke to an unprecedented announcement from the SALK Institute. Salk scientists had safely and effectively reversed the aging process in live mice by using transcription factors.

This generated headline news stories worldwide including Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show reporting that scientists had succeeded in “reversing the aging process by making cells young again.”

The following three slides provide highlights to describe how Yamanaka transcription factors were used to reverse aging in live mice.

Rewriting the Rules of Biology

Time-honored doctrine is that cell aging is irreversible and that old cells eventually degenerate and die.

In 2006, that theory was turned upside down with the demonstration of in vitro cell rejuvenation.

In 2011, cells from a 100-year human were rejuvenated back to youth.

In 2022, a similar technique (using Yamanaka transcription factors) was used to partially reverse aging in live animals.

Human trials are now being pursued.

The box below shows the timeline in the development of cellular reprogramming using transcription factors.

Reducing the Senescent Cell Burden

For my keynote presentation, I planned on showing many new slides about senolytics (compounds that remove toxic senescent cells from the body).

Realizing there was insufficient time, I showed a chart from the National Library of Medicine that revealed near zero published papers about senolytics in 2013 and over 800 by mid-2022.

The chart below is updated to reflect all published studies that mention senolytics in 2022.

A vaccine is being investigated that may enable one’s aged immune system to remove senescent cells, thus eliminating the need for senolytic compounds.

A book published in 2022 called “Ageless” described ways to achieve super-longevity including using senolytics. Sanjay Gupta, M.D. gave it a nice endorsement.

Intermittent Fasting

Studies evaluating the broad-spectrum benefits of various forms of time-restricted eating continue to be largely consistent.

The potential value of intermittent fasting in cancer prevention is being continually corroborated as well as its role as possible adjuvant treatment.

Another study provided further validation of the general benefits of a fasting-mimicking diet in demonstrating significant weight loss and improvements in glycemic (diabetic) blood markers.


Several speakers presented the potential longevity benefits of rapamycin, a drug that has extended lifespan in virtually every model tested.

I focused on a newly identified mechanism of rapamycin, which is to reduce the error rate of cellular protein synthesis that occurs with normal aging.

The box below describes the importance of this finding.

Two rapamycin clinical trials were described with results expected soon on the first of two human studies announced.

The primary outcome for the first study evaluates changes in visceral fat in response to weekly rapamycin doses of 5 mg or 10 mg. Secondary measures will assess bone density and other aging measures using blood tests as shown on the slide below.

The second study being conducted at the Mayo Clinic will assess the effects of rapamycin on cardiac function in frail older adults.

Two registries have been established to enable people self-experimenting with rapamycin to report the benefits and any side effects they may be encountering.

The first slide on the next column describes a clinical trial that measures cardiac function effects of rapamycin given to frail older people.

The next two slides on the right side column describe the rapamycin registries.

A book about rapamycin was published in 2022 and serves as a primer for those not familiar with data showing that rapamycin extends lifespan in virtually every species tested.

The book (item #34189) costs $14.95 and can be ordered online or by calling 1-800-544-4440.

Rejuvenating Aged Bone Marrow

Grim findings about what happens to bone marrow stem cells as we age are outlined on the following two slides. They were not shown during my time-limited talk at RAADfest.

I then revealed encouraging news about what scientists are doing to combat loss of youthful type function in aged bone marrow.

I presented a 2022 study showing that infusion of bone marrow (hematopoietic) stem cells into mice with sepsis markedly improved survival.

This approach is not yet available for sepsis patients, but research is being planned to help rejuvenate aged human bone marrow.

I next described human research initiatives that aim to regenerate human aged hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells with the objective of inducing systemic rejuvenation.

Regenerative Effects of Young Plasma

When young blood is continuously circulated into old rodents (parabiosis), multiple regenerative effects occur, and lifespans are often lengthened (as much as 10-12 human equivalent years).

One aspect of aging that young blood had not shown to improve was immune senescence.

A 2022 study demonstrated for the first time restoration of hematopoietic stem cell function in response to parabiosis (young blood) therapy in rodents.

Continuously circulating young blood into old people is not practical.

What scientists have been doing is identifying factors in young blood that induce rejuvenation in older animals.

The beneficial microRNA and other proteins from young blood cells can then be synthesized to make them widely available to reverse aging processes in maturing humans.

I next presented a study published in September 2022 that I helped to fund. A concentrate from human umbilical cord plasma was injected into older people for 10 continuous weeks.

The objective of these studies is to identify the safety/efficacy of very young (umbilical cord) plasma and then synthesize the regenerative factors so that all elderly people will someday be able to enjoy varying degrees of rejuvenation.

This pilot study showed indicators of age-reversal after only 10-weeks of administrating the concentrate derived from umbilical cord plasma.

For those not familiar with a blood test that measures biological aging, I created a slide (on this page) showing the predictive power of a test called DNAm Grim Age. This is currently an expensive test only available to researchers, but I explained later how one can obtain surrogate results at no charge with basic blood tests.

The Betterhumans Research Group

A nonprofit group ( that I help fund is making remarkable progress.

They have a team of scientists working around the clock to validate practical methods that elderly people can utilize to reverse indices of degenerative aging.

I encourage those with the wherewithal to make tax-deductible donations to contribute to group so they can initiate more age-reversal clinical research.

The following slide shows construction of Betterhumans new research facility.

The Betterhumans building you see is nearly finished now (beginning of 2023).

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Another method being studied to control aging is to undergo a process called “plasma apheresis” which is used in clinical practice today for autoimmune disorders.

On the main RAADfest stage, Dr. Kiprov acknowledged the recruitment campaign I organized to find study subjects for his ambitious clinial trial. The treatment is called Therapeutic Plasma Exchange.

Dr. Dobri Kiprov’s research group (Lyfspn) is working with the prestigious Buck Institute on a study in which older people will undergo one of three different apheresis protocols to remove senile plasma proteins and replace them with fresh, healthy albumin plus immunoglobulins.

Offshore Medical Practices

A growing number of medical facilities are being established in Nassau, Bahamas due to its proximity to the United States and longstanding relationships that U.S. physician/scientists have maintained with their Bahamian counterparts.

The next slide is a compound (former U.S. Consulate office of sorts) that the Age-Reversal Network group leased. It serves as a staging ground to plan potential age-reversal medical opportunities at several established clinics in The Bahamas. It also has free bedrooms for patients of these clinics to stay in who cannot afford hotel rooms.

Those interested in medical treatments available in other countries should log on to: and provide contact information to stay informed.

Lives Lost because of Over Regulation

The most tragic barrier delaying lifesaving progress is excess regulation of clinical (human) research.

On top of the next page is a slide that chronicles the multi-decade delay in recognizing the benefits of one drug (metformin):

I created an online document to petition the FDA to remove bureaucratic roadblocks that are delaying regenerative medicine clinical trials. In many cases, the red tape is keeping promising human studies from even launching.

I ask readers to log on to: to sign on to this petition that will be used to amend clinical trial requirements so that rapid-fire human studies can launch.

Log on to: to sign on to a petition to help amend clinical trial requirements.

Lethal Impact of Delayed Biomedical Technology

These slides show the premature death of Lyndon Johnson (at age 64) and how similarly situated leaders of this country with coronary artery disease are living to age 76 and beyond because of advances in biomedical technology.

I then postulated that elderly people today are in the same predicament, i.e., we are aging to death when potential cures for biological aging may be less than a decade away.

My emphasis is the need to accelerate rejuvenation research with more funding and less governmental regulation over clinical trials.

Triumphs and Tragedies

The period from October 2021 to October 2022 was a year of scientific triumphs and needless tragedy.

We lost a dedicated long-term supporter to type II diabetic complications and I am determined to STOP these kinds of preventable tragedies.

I emphasized during my talk that those with health problems who ignore my dietary and medication suggestions may fail to achieve their super-longevity objectives.

As much as I despise most elements of Big Pharma, every once in a while they develop a medication whose benefits outweigh side effect risks.

One of these is a drug class to reduce type II diabetic complications called SGLT2 inhibitors. I presented many slides on this class of drug that you can view at

If you have less than optimal glycemic control, I urge you to consider a SGLT2 inhibitor drug like Jardiance® in addition to metformin.

A Biological Age Estimate using Low Cost Blood Tests

A university research team has developed an algorithm to estimate one’s biological age with results available from a CBC/Chem + C-reactive protein blood test.

Known as the Levine-Horvath Phenotypic Age Model, it was developed using blood test data to estimate future morbidity and mortality in nearly 10,000 people over a 23-year period.

This Phenotypic Age Model is not fully validated to predict biological aging at an individual level. Results from comprehensive blood test panels provide more reliable data in our opinion about one’s future morbidity/ mortality risks.

The slide below shows my score using calculations from the Levine-Horvath Phenotypic Age Model. It indicates my biological age to be about 11 years younger than my chronologic age.

This calculation is available at no extra cost for those who order a blood test panel that provides everything needed for the Levine-Horvath age model + fasting insulin, A1C, lipids, and other health measures.

Commercial labs charge over $500 for these tests, but readers of Life Extension Magazine® can obtain this test panel for only $77.

Once you order this test, you are immediately sent a requisition and list of local blood draw centers throughout the U.S. Results come back quickly and will include the Levine-Horvath calculation of your biological age.

To order, call 1-800-208-3444 (24 hours) or log on to:

Note this surrogate measure of one’s biological age is not the same as the GrimAge test described earlier in this article.

I continue to discuss the validity of the Levine-Horvath Phenotypic Age Model with experts in the field. What’s nice about the Phenotypic Age Model is that its calculations are based on results from blood tests readers of this magazine already utilize on a regular basis.

Additional Topics in My Keynote Presentation

So far, I’ve presented less than half of the many areas of longevity research and practical applications that occurred since RAADfest 2021.

You can view my RAADfest presentation at: (in video or PowerPoint format) that will cover:

  • Massive weight loss with GLP-1 prescription drugs
  • What is an Optimal diet? (Live 3 to 13 years longer)
  • What’s Behind Surging Deaths from Heart disease?
  • Impossible become possible… Million Times Faster Computation
  • Brain Implant Operates Digital Devices (Mind/Cloud interface)
  • Elon Musk Predicts Humans can Live Forever
  • Record numbers of Famous Dead Billionaires
  • Lethal Impact of Elevated Glucose
  • SGLT2 Inhibitor drugs protect kidneys, heart, and brain while lowering glucose and A1C.

Annual RAADfest Conference

RAADfest is a nonprofit conference whose purpose is to enable aging people to live in good health far longer than most anyone can imagine today.

This annual event enables people to stay informed and connect with many of the best doctors, scientists and thought leaders in the field.

RAADfest 2023 will be held in Los Angeles, California September 7-9, 2023.

RAADfest 2023 will begin Friday evening and continue all day Saturday with formal presentations going until 3 pm on Sunday. Informal gatherings will occur throughout the Friday-Sunday period.

The registration fee that includes two organic meals and cancelation insurance is $647 for LifeExtension readers. (Use code “LEF” to obtain this discounted registration price.)

To learn more or reserve your place at RAADfest 2023, log on to:

In Summary…

It is a privilege and downright fun to interact with scientists on the front lines of regenerative medicine research.

Our mutual objective is to save human lives including our own.

Those interested in receiving email updates about research projects can register at no cost at:

I conclude by asking those who are able to make charitable donations to the Human Age Reversal Project.

All donations will only be used to fund actual study costs and not salaries or overhead expenses.

Over $1 million has been raised and nothing will be spent until multi-intervention age-reversal projects commence. (See the slide below.)

Welcome to our fantastic voyage!

For longer life,

For Longer Life

William Faloon, Volunteer Age Reversal Network*

*The Age Reversal Network is a public benefit group that consists of physicians, scientists, activists, and participants in regenerative medicine research. These individuals share a common desire to rejuvenate aged people. To receive free updates that are sent out every 3-4 weeks, log on to:

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