Prostate Health Supplements

When you prioritize men’s health, the prostate can’t be overlooked. The prostate gland impacts several functions, including healthy urination and hormone health, which are essential for a man’s well-being and quality of life. Fortunately, there are supplements that help maintain overall prostate function.

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Prostate Health

These targeted men’s health supplements help keep your prostate functioning at its best, especially as you age.

Vitamins and Minerals

Seeking optimal prostate function? Vitamins like vitamin D, minerals like zinc and boron, and even the carotenoid lycopene, may help.


Antioxidants are important for overall good health—but they also may play an important role in thyroid health.

Best supplements for prostate health

Optimal prostate function requires that a few key things be in harmony: prostate size and function, bladder health, healthy cellular reproduction, and hormone balance. To best support all of these prostate-related health functions, start with a comprehensive multi-nutrient formula that will cover your bases.

Looking to support a specific prostate health need? For urinary health, you'll want ingredients like the compound beta-sitosterol (bonus: it also supports healthy prostate size!) as well as saw palmetto and pygeum—both of which contain beta-sitosterol. Boswellia and pollen extract alongside pumpkin seed and phospholipids also can help inhibit inflammation to support healthy urinary function.

For prostate size and cell structure support, look for formulas that include ingredients like lycopene and boron. Finally, you want to look for flax seed, Norway spruce and dwarf and stinging nettle in any comprehensive formula to maintain healthy hormone levels.

Other good choices for supporting prostate function include vitamins like vitamin D and E and minerals such as zinc and boron, alongside other nutrients like carotenoid-rich lycopene, resveratrol and extracts like pollen, pomegranate, green tea and grapeseed and curcumin.

What does pumpkin seed do for prostate health?

Prostate health and urinary health go hand-in-hand. And one of the best supplements for maintaining both is pumpkin seed extract. Although pumpkin seed extract is generally known for its whole-body health benefits, it also serves a specific purpose for aging men, particularly when it comes to their prostate and healthy urine flow, by helping improve the structural support and muscle function of the bladder.

And you don't have to eat a bunch of pumpkin seeds to get prostate health benefits! Prostate supplements in the form of pumpkin seed oil capsules are absorbed much more efficiently into the bloodstream to address urinary discomfort at the source.

Does saw palmetto help promote a healthy prostate?

Saw palmetto is one of the best ingredients for promoting a healthy prostate. The extract of this palm-like plant is rich in a bioactive compound called beta-sitosterol that is used for supporting urinary health and reproductive health and is usually taken in combination with beta-sitosterol and nettle root.

That's not all. Saw palmetto also has a reputation for supporting healthy dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, a hormone involved in the last stage of the hair growth cycle. If you want to maintain your luscious locks, taking saw palmetto to make sure you're not producing too much DHT is essential. And, since DHT is also a derivative of testosterone, it may also play a role in healthy testosterone levels, another crucial part of optimal prostate function.

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