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January 1998

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January 14, 1998

The Fat-Reducing Fat

Overweight people seeking to lose body fat are invariably told to reduce their intake of dietary fat. This is generally good advice, but doesn't hold up when it comes to conjugated linoleic acid (CLA -- the fat-reducing fat).

Body-builders find that working out after taking CLA reduces their body fat and speeds muscle development safely, without the dangerous side effects of steroids. Researchers have found a dramatic reduction in body fat in rats fed CLA. Human studies have shown that CLA protects against cancer in addition to reducing body fat.

—D Dye


January 12, 1998

Cancer Breakthrough: New Super-Potent Soy Extract

Scientific evidence has shown that soy contains potent cancer-fighting compounds such as genistein and daidzein. Genistein, in particular, has been shown to fight cancer through a variety of mechanisms. It's been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth, block blood vessel growth in tumors, inhibit cancer cell adhesion, and induce apoptosis (programmed cancer cell death).

Because of this growing body of evidence, increasing numbers of health conscious consumers have been taking soy extracts high in genistein as dietary supplements, and some physicians are prescribing soy extracts for the treatment of cancer. The major problem with the soy extracts now on the market is that they are not sufficiently rich in genistein to be practical for the treatment of cancer. In order to get enough genistein, patients have to take a vast amount of these extracts at very high prices.

But now the Life Extension Foundation offers a new super-potent soy extract called MEGA SOY EXTRACT that contains 41 times more genistein and is 3.5 times less costly than other soy extracts on the market. This new breakthrough product is available at two different potencies: one for cancer prevention; the other for cancer treatment.

—D Dye


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