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September 1999

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September 24, 1999

Centenarians experience a lifetime of good health

A study published in the August 21 issue of the Lancet which evaluated the health histories of thirty-seven centenarians found that most experienced a low rate of hospitalization and freedom from cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and that nearly 90% were able to live independently into their tenth decade. Dr Thomas Perls, one of the study's authors, and coauthor of the book, Living to be 100, commented that although the inability of the majority of these centenarians to live independently began during their nineties, as well as the onset of more frequent hospital stays, they spent 90 to 95% of their lives in good health. This study confirms the observation that growing older does not necessarily mean experiencing more illness, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy habits to avoid illness.

—D Dye


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