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MegaFood was created in 1973 with a purpose: to sow a strong foundation of health that allows you to thrive.

Blood Builder®

60 tablets


Get whole-food support from supplements like MegaFood Blood Builder and other minerals.

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Promote your best health with women’s and men’s multivitamins from MegaFood.

Turmeric from MegaFood’s Hawaiian farm partner helps inhibit inflammation to support joint health.

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Who owns MegaFood vitamins?

MegaFood, makers of MegaFood Blood Builder and MegaFood vitamins, and its sister brand, Innate Response, operate as wholly owned subsidiaries of Pharmavite LLC. Pharmavite is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements, and it also owns the Nature Made and SOYJOY brands.

Is MegaFood a good brand?

MegaFood was created in 1973 with a commitment to producing high quality supplements. It uses independent, third-party verification organizations to certify MegaFood compliance with quality standards. It also sources whole food ingredients from farm partners in Vermont, Wisconsin, Hawaii and California.

What is MegaFood Blood Builder?

MegaFood Blood Builder is an iron supplement with whole food ingredients such as beetroot and oranges that is formulated with vitamins and minerals like folate, iron and B12 to support energy levels and promote iron absorption.

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