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For nearly 50 years, NaturesPlus has been committed to high-quality, innovative products and supplements to help you feel your best.

Source of Life Liquid

30 fl oz


Support heart health and a healthy inflammatory response with NaturesPlus supplements.

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  • This Item: Source of Life Liquid, 30 fl oz
  • Liquid Vitamin D3, 50 mcg (2000 IU), 29.57 ml

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Get all your nutrient needs in gummy, liquid and tablet forms with NaturesPlus vitamins.

Encourage normal, healthy immune system function with NaturesPlus formulas.

NaturesPlus supplements help promote healthy bones and joint comfort and movement.

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Is NaturesPlus a trustworthy brand?

Yes. NaturesPlus has 5 core values: caring, committed, family, innovation, and, importantly, credibility & trust. The company strives to create innovative, cutting-edge products that meet all of their customers’ needs.

Who owns NaturesPlus?

NaturesPlus was founded in the early 1970s by Gerald Kessler and is owned by the parent company that he also founded, Natural Organics. Kessler was a force in the supplement industry; he helped lobby to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DHEA) of 1994.

What is NaturesPlus best-known supplement?

NaturesPlus best sellers include its Collagen Peptides and its GOLD Multivitamin Liquid, packaged for adults as Source of Life® and for kids as Animal Parade®.

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