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From day one, NOW was created to empower healthy living, and it has been a leading health products company for 50 plus years.


500 mg, 120 capsules


Start your day fresh and clean with oral and personal care products from NOW.

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Support your muscle health and post-workout recovery with NOW Sports amino acid supplements that use the ‘L’ form amino acids.

Support healthy digestion and optimize your lifestyle with quality digestive and bladder health supplements from NOW.

Help maintain healthy immune system function with NOW Foods supplements.

NOW powders and sweeteners make it easy to incorporate healthy ingredients into your favorite recipes.

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Who owns NOW Foods?

Entrepreneur Elwood Richard started NOW Foods in 1968 to offer affordable, high quality health products, and the company is still owned by the Richard family. The founder’s sons also joined the company, and Dan Richard remains part of the senior management team.

Is NOW Foods a popular vitamin & supplement brand?

NOW Foods has grown into one of the industry’s most recognizable brands and provides an extensive line of high-quality supplements, essential oils, foods and health products. NOW products are sustainable, plant-derived, and finished as close to nature as possible without any harmful substances.

NOW Foods: Supplement Quality

NOW tests its supplements for quality, purity and potency to make sure that what is on the label is in the bottle. The process starts with testing ingredients to make sure every lot meets stringent specifications, and that quality control is prioritized throughout the manufacturing process. NOW is GMP-certified by a third party.

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