Carnitine improves Viagras potency in diabetics

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Life Extension Update Exclusive:

Carnitine improves Viagra's potency in diabetics


Male hormone modulation

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Life Extension Magazine October 2004 issue:

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Life Extension Update Exclusive

Carnitine improves Viagra's potency in diabetics
A “Brief Communication” published in the September 2004 issue of the journal Current Medical Research Opinions (volume 20, no 9) reported that the addition of proprionyl-L-carnitine to treatment with sildenafil (Viagra) boosted efficacy of the drug in diabetic men who had previously experienced a low response. Sildenafil is a popular drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, a common complication of diabetes as well as other conditions such as aging.

Readers of the April 19, 2004 issue of Life Extension Update may recall that a combination of proprionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine improved symptoms of sexual dysfunction in aging men comparable to improvements achieved with testosterone treatment. In addition, carnitine increased reported sexual well-being to a degree greater than that provided by testosterone.

For the current investigation, researchers in Rome studied forty type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients with erectile dysfunction that was unresponsive to treatment with sildenafil. Twenty men were randomized to receive two grams proprionyl-L-carnitine per day plus 50 milligrams sildenafil twice per week, while the remaining men received sildenafil alone for six months. Erectile function questionnaires and event logs were used to evaluate the treatments' effects.

The researchers found that scores for achieving as well as maintaining an erection were significantly improved in the group receiving both carnitine and sildenafil compared to the group receiving the drug alone. Improved erections were reported by 68 percent of the group receiving carnitine compared to 23 percent of the men who did not receive it, and successful intercourse attempts were reported by 76 percent of the carnitine/sildenafil group, compared to 34 percent of the men who received only the drug.

The known beneficial effect of carnitine on the cardiovascular system may be in part related to increased vasodilation and enhanced blood flow, effects which would simultaneously benefit erectile function. As sildenafil elicits its benefits though similar mechanisms, the researchers hypothesized that the combination of proprionyl-L-carnitine and sildenafil may provide greater effects of this nature than either compound given by itself. They suggest that the combination may offer a new approach for treating diabetic men with erectile dysfunction.


Male hormone modulation therapy
As men age past age 40, hormonal changes occur that perceptibly inhibit physical, sexual, and cognitive function. The outward appearance of a typical middle-aged male shows increased abdominal fat and shrinkage of muscle mass, a hallmark effect of hormone imbalance. Loss of a feeling of well-being, sometimes manifesting as depression, is a common psychological complication of hormone imbalance. Until recently, these changes were attributed to "growing old," and men were expected to accept the fact that their bodies were entering into a long degenerative process that would someday result in death.

A remarkable amount of data has been compiled indicating that many of the diseases that middle-aged men begin experiencing, including depression, fatigue, abdominal weight gain, alterations in mood and cognition, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, prostate disease, and heart disease are directly related to hormone imbalances that are correctable with currently available drug and nutrient therapies.

Sexual stimulation and erection begin in the brain when neuronal testosterone-receptor sites are prompted to ignite a cascade of biochemical events that involve testosterone-receptor sites in the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. Free testosterone promotes sexual desire and then facilitates performance, sensation, and the ultimate degree of fulfillment.

Without adequate levels of free testosterone, the quality of a man's sex life is adversely affected and the genitals atrophy. When free testosterone is restored, positive changes can be expected in the structure and function of the sex organs. (It should be noted that sexual dysfunction can be caused by other factors unrelated to hormone imbalance. An example of such a factor is arteriosclerotic blockage of the penile arteries.)

Before beginning testosterone replacement, comprehensive blood testing is necessary to determine liver-kidney function, and levels of glucose, minerals, lipids, thyroid, free and total testosterone, estadiol, DHT, DHEA, PSA, homocysteine, LH (optional), and SHBG (optional). Nutritional supplements may be added to the diet depending upon test results that can prevent testosterone from cascading into estrogen and DHT.

The following supplements are suggested:

  1. Super MiraForte containing chrysin, piperine, nettle, and muira pauma boosts free testosterone and suppresses estrogen by acting as a mild aromatase inhibitor, 4 capsules daily.
  2. Saw Palmetto/Nettle Formula helps to inhibit SHGB and reduce the effects of excess estrogen, 2 capsules daily.
  3. Indole-3-carbinol (IC3) helps neutralize dangerous estrogen metabolites (16-hydroxyestrone), 200-400 mg daily.
  4. Zinc functions as an aromatase inhibitor in some men, 80-90 mg daily.

Featured Products

L-carnitine capsules

A major cause of aging is the deterioration of the energy-producing components of the cell which results in reduced cellular metabolic activity, the accumulation of cellular debris, and eventual death of the cell.

The amino acid L-carnitine helps to maintain cellular energy metabolism by assisting in the transport of fat through the cell membrane and into the mitochondria within the cell, where these fats are oxidized to produce the cellular energy ATP.

Super Miraforte with Maximum Strength Chrysin

As you grow older, the testosterone responsible for libido tends to bind to globulins in the blood instead of stimulating cell receptor sites throughout the body. Natural plant extracts have been shown to enhance sexual desire, performance, and gratification. These extracts also have been shown to be free of side effects. Life Extension offers a standardized muira puama extract combined with a potent nettle root extract, zinc, Peruvian ginseng (maca), and chrysin in a preparation called Super MiraForte. This product is for use by men only.

Life Extension Magazine October 2004 issue

The Science behind The Sexy Years, the new book by Suzanne Somers, by Edward Rosick, DO, MPH, MS

At casual glance, one might mistake The Sexy Years for a book for women only. In fact, Suzanne delves into the use of bioidentical hormones for male sexual enhancement and longevity. Over three chapters, she explains in clear detail the phenomenon of andropause—the male equivalent of menopause—and how testosterone supplementation can help men overcome the problems brought about by this change of life. The book contains a testimonial from Suzanne's 67-year-old husband, Alan Hamel, about how supplemental testosterone has given him a new lease on life.

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