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Since 1987, Gaia Herbs has been harnessing traditional wisdom and delivering nature’s benefits through herbs like ashwagandha, black elderberry, turmeric and more.

Black Elderberry

60 vegan capsules


Support healthy stress management and encourage restful sleep with Gaia Herbs’ ashwagandha root with rhodiola and other full-spectrum herbal formulas.

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Herbal syrups and supplements from Gaia Herbs can help maintain normal, healthy immune system function.

Support a healthy heart and promote a healthy inflammatory response with turmeric and hawthorn supplements from Gaia Herbs.

Gaia Herbs formulas deliver nutrients to support health needs specific to men and women.

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Is Gaia Herbs a good brand?

Since 1987, Gaia Herbs has been committed to providing people with high quality herbal supplements, including liquid extracts, functional powders, teas and capsules. The Gaia Herbs farm, a 350-acre organic farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, grows more than 3 million plants each year, and harvests them for peak potency. Gaia Herbs products are sold through natural and independently owned health food stores and online.

Who owns Gaia Herbs?

Gaia Herbs is an independent, publicly traded supplement company. Although the company is led by a CEO and board of directors, Gaia Herbs has a partnership with One Better Ventures to help govern and operate the business.

Is Gaia Herbs safe?

At Gaia Herbs, every ingredient and finished product is tested to ensure purity, integrity and potency. All Gaia Herbs products have an Herb ID on the back of the product that can be used to discover the origin of the ingredients and see exactly what’s in the supplement—and what’s not.

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