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For 26 years, exceptional purity and freshness have been the keys to the success of Nordic Naturals, the #1 fish oil brand in the U.S.

Arctic™ Cod Liver Oil (Lemon)

1000 mg, 90 softgels


Nordic Naturals’ award-winning fish oil supplements fit many needs, from children’s omega-3 DHA to concentrated and flavored fish oils.

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Who manufactures Nordic Naturals?

Nordic Naturals owns and operates Nordic Pharma, a custom-designed, state-of-the-art plant built in Arctic Norway that processes all of Nordic Naturals’ fish oil. Then that fish oil is bottled and encapsulated into liquid and softgel products at the Nordic Naturals plant in Southern California.

Is Nordic Naturals a reputable vitamin & supplement brand?

Nordic Naturals is one of the top fish oil brands in the U.S., and it is committed to delivering clean, effective nutrients essential to health. Its fish oil is sourced within strict standards for fishing method, by-catch reduction and social accountability, and its products are research-supported, expertly formulated and rigorously tested.

Nordic Naturals: Supplement Quality

Nordic Naturals fish oils are Friend of the Sea (FOS) Certified to guarantee that the fish it uses come from healthy fisheries. It tests every product lot to ensure that its products are free from environmental toxins and contaminants, and consumers can check the Certificates of Analysis on its web site. Most Nordic Naturals products are non-GMO, dairy and gluten free, and none use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

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