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Founded in 1982, Source Naturals blends nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals into formulas for optimal health.


500 mg, 100 tablets


Support whole-body health with a wide range of Source Naturals amino acid formulas.

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Source Naturals vitamin and mineral formulations can help fill gaps in your nutrition.

Achieve your best skin health and get healthy hormone support with Source Naturals.

Source Naturals supplements can help support a healthy immune response and a healthy inflammatory response.

Promote digestive health with digestion support supplements from Source Naturals.

Support cognitive health and stress management with Source Naturals supplements.

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Who manufactures Source Naturals?

Source Naturals was created in 1982 and is owned by Threshold Enterprises, Ltd., a nutritional supplements distributor and manufacturer in California. Source Naturals has more than 600 products, including comprehensive Bio-Aligned Formulas®.

Is Source Naturals a reputable vitamin & supplement brand?

Source Naturals’ guiding principal is the well-being of its customers. It has been recognized with numerous awards for its Wellness Formula®, Life Force® Multiple, Essential Enzymes™, Melatonin, and Skin Eternal™ products.

Source Naturals: Supplement quality

Source Naturals does its own manufacturing and verifies the purity and authenticity of its raw materials. It also tests every batch before finished products are packaged to ensure customers are getting what the label says.

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