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Life Extension Magazine

October 1998

Business and Science Unite to Fight Aging

Biotech companies and scientific researchers are together reaching a critical juncture in understanding the factors that contribute to aging, and finding ways to head them off.


Yes, Garlic Really Is Good for You

It's problematic whether garlic is useful in lowering cholesterol. But it hardly matters, considering its other cardiovascular and antioxidant benefits.

Whey Protein: Unlocking the Secret to Health

  • A Building Block Of Life: Both life extensionists and those who just want to stay healthy are using whey as a powerful health enhancer.
  • Third-generation Extraction: New manufacturing processes are resulting in whey products that are more potent and beneficial.
  • Whey For Muscle & Mind: Enhanced athletic performance, and even cognition, must be added to whey's many benefits. The whey to get going!


As We See It

As We See It

Facing death every day, and the kind of resolve that engenders.

From The Foundation

From The Foundation

The Life Extension Medical Center will be devoted to offering cutting-edge medical treatment. Here is a financial breakdown and future prospects.


Profiles: You Are What You Absorb

Nutritionist Dr. Steve Novil feels that what he puts into his body is exactly what he'll get out of it. He shares that message with his patients.

Medical Updates

Medical Updates

Studies from around the world that can help you live longer, including controlling iron absorption and boosting cardiac output.

Journal Abstracts