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Life Extension Magazine

August 1999

Lycopene: The Rediscovered Carotene

New findings are confirming the benefits of a potent carotenoid called lycopene. It offers antioxidant protection against certain types of free radicals, and may protect against certain types of cancer.


Age Control in Redwood

Earlier this year, Australia opened its first anti-aging clinic aimed at studying the aging process in an effort to extend life span.

B12: The Vital Vitamin

Formerly, those suffering from a B12 deficiency subjected themselves to painful injections of the vitamin. New research showing the efficacy of oral B12 supplements may change all that.

Antioxidants and Aging

Nurturing the body with a diet and lifestyle that promote health and well being can help in the prevention of cell damage and, ultimately, extend a healthy life.


In the News

Americans fail the "veggie" test, upcoming events and more.

Healthy Products


Smart phytoextracts, an improved Herbal Mix and a new "boosting" formula make their introductory appearance this month.



Back on Track!..One man's commitment to the cause.



The right deprenyl dosage, Life Extension Center on the move and more.

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