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Life Extension Magazine

October 2001

A New Natural Relaxant

Theanine is an amino acid that produces tranquilizing effects in the brain. In Japan, soft drinks and chewing gum are spiked with theanine for the purpose of inducing relaxation. Although theanine creates a feeling of relaxation, it doesn’t shunt down the brain. By shutting off worry centers in the brain, theanine appears to increase concentration and focus.


How CoQ10 Protects Brain Cells

Research suggests that it may be possible to protect against neurodegenerative diseases and stroke my minimizing mitochondrial dysfunction, which causes brain cells to die.

Does Green Tea Aid in Cancer Prevention?

Despite a body of evidence to the contrary, a recent study questions whether green tea prevents stomach cancer. Here, we point out the study’s weaknesses, and outline the numerous studies confirming the benefits of green tea.

The Buck Institute For Age Research

Located in Marin County, California, The Buck Institute is an independent, world-class facility where scientists research the causes of age-related diseases using multiple approaches.


Q & A

Q & A

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