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Life Extension Magazine

November 2003



This inexpensive mineral has long been known to help preserve bone mass. New research reveals a system-wide benefit that includes shrinking prostate tumor volume, lowering PSA levels and reducing prostate cancer risk.

A Comprehensive Guide to Preventative Blood Testing

Taking control of your body begins with regular blood testing to measure your disease risk factors. This comprehensive article examines novel ways to using the results from blood tests to help protect against multiple age-related diseases.



Profile: Dr. Eric Braverman

For Dr. Braverman, health begins in the brain. To better assess a patient’s complete health, he utilizes brain electrical activity mapping to analyze the body’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results, he develops innovative treatment protocols.

As We See It

As We See It

Startling findings reveal that the majority of elderly hospitalized patients have several high homocysteine levels. Published findings show that elevated homocysteine predisposes individuals to increased risks of common age-related diseases. Supplementation with folic acid is not enough. Read how to better measure and reduce your homocysteine blood levels.

In The News

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce Alzheimer’s risk; the lethal effects of excess IL-6 and how to lower it.

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