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Life Extension Magazine

February 2005

How Effective Are Your Antioxidants?

Free radicals contribute to the common diseases of aging. Health-conscious people consume antioxidants to help neutralize toxic free radicals. New research shows that sesame lignans act with these nutrients to enhance their bioavailability and effectiveness.


Arthritis Treatment After Vioxx®

Merck’s stunning withdrawal of its anti-arthritis drug Vioxx® cast a cloud of suspicion over other COX-2 inhibitor drugs. Learn why inhibiting only COX-2 can be lethal, and how fish oil and other natural remedies can help prevent and treat the scourge of arthritis.

Promoting Mitochondrial Health

The healthy function of the power plants of our cells is critical to preventing disease and promoting longevity. Fortunately, nutrients such as lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, and acetyl-L-carnitine can help to maximize mitochondrial health.

The Optimal Form Of Lipoic Acid

Scientists have linked certain antioxidants to enhanced mitochondrial energy production. New studies suggest that the powerful antioxidant R-dihydro-lipoic acid may help prevent mitochondrial decay, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, and other diseases of aging.

Stop Arrhythmia Before It Starts

Nearly 10 million Americans suffer from potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmias. While conventional treatments emphasize dangerous drugs and invasive procedures, you can fashion an effective anti-arrhythmia program with a few simple nutritional strategies.


As We See It

As We See It

When we established the Life Extension Foundation in 1980, few people believed that intervention into biological aging was possible. Twenty-five years later, what we were persecuted and ridiculed for has now been validated as scientific fact. The effects of aging can indeed be impeded!

In The News

SAMe improves efficacy of antidepressant therapy; DHEA supplements may reduce abdominal fat; broccoli compound halts breast cancer growth; multivitamins slow progression of HIV; vitamin D inhibits breast, prostate cancer cells; high-glycemic diet raises colorectal cancer risk; low chromium tied to heart disease, diabetes risk.



Formerly a successful obstetrician, Gordon Reynolds, MD, turned his lifelong commitment to preventive medicine into a second career.

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