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Life Extension Magazine

Collector's Edition 2005/2006

Why Our Arteries Become Clogged As We Age

Cardiologists have overlooked the underlying cause of vascular aging and atherosclerosis. The good news is that aging adults can now do something to maintain healthy arteries.


Stopping Arrhythmia Before It Starts

While conventional treatments emphasize dangerous drugs and invasive procedures, you can fashion an effective anti-arrhythmia program with a few simple nutritional strategies.


As We See It

The AMA Finally Discovers Gamma Tocopherol

The American Medical Association extolled the benefits of gamma tocopherol—a full six years after Life Extension members first learned about this preferred form of vitamin E.

As We See It

FDA Attacks the Efficacy of Green Tea

The FDA says that green tea does not protect against prostate cancer. A review of the FDA's analysis reveal egregious flaws that render the agency's proclamation meaningless.