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Life Extension Magazine

Winter 2016-2017 Special Edition

Launch Interactive Issue

Halt and Reverse Brain Aging

In a stunning development, two natural factors have been discovered that protect against structural brain damage. Published studies reveal a simple strategy to improve cognitive unction, slow Alzheimer’s progression, and possibly reverse it. These innovations provide an affordable way to thwart senile changes that were once thought to be unavoidable.


Defend Your Cellular Integrity

Effective natural approaches have been identified to neutralize cellular degeneration. These advances are light years ahead of conventional medicine. Health-conscious consumers can now exert significant control over their personal biology to delay destructive senescent disorders.

Protect Against Stomach Distress

Almost half the public carries the H. pylori bacterium—the most common culprit behind gastritis and peptic ulceration. Japanese researchers have pioneered the use of a zinc-carnosine compound to help protect against H. pylori and shield the stomach lining. With the addition of a unique probiotic, one can lessen abdominal stressors that can lead to ulcers and stomach cancer.

Arthritis: Slow Cartilage Breakdown

A hallmark of osteoarthritis is joint cartilage degradation along with destructive inflammation. Drugs that temporarily relieve pain do not protect cartilage nor fully extinguish inflammatory fires. New studies show how three plant extracts slow cartilage breakdown and relieve joint discomfort without side effects.