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Life Extension Magazine

January 2007

Novel Methods To Restore Youthful Skin

Aging adults are rebelling against the notion that they are supposed to “look their age.” Scientists have taken on this challenge by discovering effective youth-restoring dermal therapies. Learn about new topically applied nutrients that have been scientifically validated to reverse many of the unsightly changes that occur in aged and sun-damaged skin.


Has Your CoQ10 Become Obsolete?

Japan’s largest CoQ10 producer has found a way to deliver the highest concentrations of the most biologically active form of CoQ10 to the bloodstream. This super-absorbable new form of CoQ10 has demonstrated unprecedented anti-aging effects.

Avoid Diabetic Complications

Few people realize that conventional diabetes drugs fail to protect against diabetic complications such as blindness, peripheral neuropathies, and stroke. A new supplement from Europe blocks the pathways by which high blood sugar damages cells throughout the body.

Strategies To Preserve Muscle Mass

While most doctors warn against the age-related loss of bone mass, few pay attention to the equally debilitating loss of muscle mass commonly seen in older people. Here are steps that you can take today to preserve healthy muscle mass throughout your lifetime.


In The News

Silymarin lowers glucose and lipid levels in diabetics; green tea delays memory loss in aged mice; grape seed blocks colon cancer cell growth; omega-3s slow cognitive decline in mild Alzheimer’s; selenium levels tied to coronary artery disease risk; study says benefits of eating fish outweigh risks; Mediterranean diet may lower Alzheimer’s risk; osteoarthritis may signify accelerated biological aging; progesterone guards against brain-injury-induced disability; and more.

As We See It

As We See It

An impressive new study shows that green tea reduces cardiovascular disease risk, yet the FDA has prohibited a maker of green tea bags from stating this health claim on its label. An analysis of how much green tea is really needed to reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease risk reveals surprising findings as they relate to how aging humans should be taking their green tea.


Wellness Profile

Still going strong at 94, former radio and television host Art Linkletter has just coauthored a new book on the “second prime” of life.

All About Supplements

All About Supplements

Saw palmetto is a plantderived remedy that benefits prostate health, modulates hormones, and may help prevent hair loss.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Dr. Michael Ozner describes how a Mediterranean-style diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and stress management can lower persistently high blood pressure.

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