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Life Extension Magazine

April 2009

Dietary Supplements Under Attack

The public suffers widespread deficiencies of vitamins C, D, and E, yet the mainstream media continues to allege that these nutrients provide no health benefits. Find out how horrifically flawed the underlying studies are that support these baseless assertions and why their conclusions are meaningless to those who follow a science-based program.


Quercetin: Enhanced Antioxidant Protection Against Heart Disease, Cancer, Allergies, and More

The benefits of red wine have grabbed headlines worldwide. While resveratrol has become a virtual household word, overlooked is another polyphenol found in red wine that may extend life span by mimicking calorie restriction. Find out the powerful properties this polyphenol has demonstrated in fighting allergies while protecting against heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and even cancer.

New Strategies for Optimizing Bone Strength

Today’s epidemic of osteoporosis causes up to half of all women over age 50 and one in four men in the United States to suffer disabling bone fractures. While calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 can help improve bone mineral density, researchers are now discovering the importance of collagen for achieving optimal bone tensile strength.

Optimizing Muscle Health With Whey, Creatine, and Glutamine

Few doctors realize how much muscle mass is lost as a result of normal aging. Fortunately, whey protein, creatine, and glutamine are available as meal replacements or supplements to provide the amino acids needed to help offset the age-related decline in muscle mass (sarcopenia) while supporting the muscle-building effects of resistance training.

The Link Between Autism and Low Levels of Vitamin D

Growing evidence links falling levels of vitamin D over the past 20 years with the rising incidence of autism and other debilitating brain conditions. Here, we review intriguing findings that vitamin D deficiency is involved in brain dysfunction, and how easily this problem can be corrected through supplemental vitamin D and sensible sun exposure.


In The News

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