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Life Extension Magazine

August 2009

The Generic Drug Rip Off

Today’s health care cost crisis is widely feared. In a shocking expose, Life Extension uncovers a corrupt regulatory system that causes generic drug prices to be far higher than they should be. A free market solution is proposed that can save consumers up to 94% on generic drugs, slashing prices in some cases to only pennies a day!


Understanding Risk Factors for Heart Disease

A return-to-basics discussion about the tests that predict risk for heart disease—and what nutritional supplements help correct them. In the first part of a two part article, Dr. William Davis discusses lipids and C-reactive protein (CRP) as risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  Total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, and CRP are discussed, along with the best therapies to help correct abnormal levels.

Impede Unwanted Hair Growth

A nuisance endured by men and women is the need to constantly remove body hair. European scientists have developed a novel topical compound that human clinical studies have shown reduces unwanted hair growth up to 82%!

Is Homocysteine Making You Sick?

Some people suffer stubbornly high homocysteine levels despite taking folic acid and other B-vitamins. Elevated homocysteine is linked with heart disease, stroke, and dementia. Ordinary folic acid fails some people because they have a gene variant that precludes them from converting folic acid into its active form within the body. Fortunately, the active form of folic acid is now available as a low cost supplement to slash elevated homocysteine.

Detecting Silent Diseases Before They Strike

By the time most of us discover the fi rst signs of aging, the process is already well underway. Here, Eric Braverman, MD, reveals the key to breaking the aging code by identifying silent diseases and treating them at the earliest opportunity with an integrative approach combining dietary supplements, healthy foods, bioidentical hormones, and prescription drugs.

Extending Life and Fighting Disease with Resveratrol

While pharmaceutical companies invest hundreds of millions to cash in on the multiple effects of resveratrol found naturally in red wine, highly purifi ed trans-resveratrol supplements are already available to provide immediate benefits.

Turning on Immortality: The Debate Over Telomerase Activation

An expensive therapy that helps confer immortality to aging cells by activating telomerase has drawn both support and criticism from the scientifi c community. Here, two highly respected experts argue the case for and against this telomere-extending therapy.


In The News

US patent for Irvingia; broccoli chemicals thwart prostate cancer; white tea fights fat; sodium to potassium ratio affects heart disease; vitamin D, calcium protect against diabetes; folic acid wards off Alzheimer’s; curcumin reduces fat tissue in mice; poor diet a predictor of mortality in men; pomegranate juice slows prostate cancer; low vitamin D levels increase asthma severity; potential soy benefits for menopause; and more.

Health Destinations

Healthy Destinations

Rancho la Puerta is North America’s premiere spa and the place to learn new methods for achieving longevity. Learn how its founder, Deborah Szekely, maintains this longevity oasis.

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