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Life Extension Magazine

May 2011

Launch Interactive Issue

The Everyday Drug That Prevents Cancer Death

Back in 1983, Life Extension® strongly advised aging people to take aspirin each day. The FDA responded by threatening criminal charges. A new Oxford University analysis conclusively shows that low-dose aspirin slashes overall cancer death risk by 20%. The result of FDA censorship is that millions of Americans died needlessly of cancer and vascular diseases.


Do You Know Your Sex Hormone Status?

Hundreds of published studies link imbalances of testosterone and estrogen (in men and women) with the onset of age-related pathologies. A little-known blood marker of hormonal balance is sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG. Newly published studies reveal how SHBG interacts with testosterone and estrogen—and how maturing individuals can use this blood test to optimize their sex hormone status.

The Little-Known Longevity Factor in the Japanese Diet

The Japanese are amongst the longest-lived people in the world, with those residing in Okinawa achieving incredible healthy life spans. Scientists are zeroing in on native seaweeds in traditional Japanese diets whose constituents induce anti-aging benefits that go beyond anything used in Western societies.

Natural Ways to Thwart a Stealth Killer

The lifetime risk of developing high blood pressure is greater than 90% in adults 55 years and older. Left undetected and untreated, this stealth killer can culminate in stroke, kidney damage, and heart attack. A Cambridge research team recently made a discovery validating the power of certain nutrients to combat chronic hypertension.

Can a Power Booster Also Be a Longevity Booster?

Fitness enthusiasts have long prized branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for their power to boost strength and performance. A newly published study may now give longevity enthusiasts a reason to as well: in an animal model, BCAAs increased life span in part through mitochondrial biogenesis—the spontaneous growth of new mitochondria.


As We See It

As We See It

William Faloon was recently hospitalized and witnessed egregious inefficiency and ineptitude…so much so that he made some major lifestyle changes. This article also discusses simple ways to protect against hospital-acquired infections.

In The News

Heart disease-related costs projected to triple by 2030; more Americans using supplements; broccoli’s anti-cancer mechanisms revealed; and more.

Ask The Doctor

Ask The Doctor

Michael Aziz, MD, is an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and a frequent guest on several national TV and radio shows. Here he underscores the importance of hormone testing—and the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

In the quest to improve the lives of his patients and effectively treat their conditions, Dr. Harlan Bieley had a major revelation while treating a most unlikely patient: himself. Here he reveals how his personal experience with illness transformed his medical practice.

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