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Are We All Pre-Diabetic?

Scientific studies confirm the risk of dying significantly increases unless you achieve optimal 24-hour-a-day glucose control. Yet more than 80% of adults have fasting blood glucose above 85 mg/dL—a level that increases risk of vascular diseases. Alarming new data reveal that blood sugar surges after meals heightens incidence of stroke, retinal damage, and cancer even more. When tested in humans, a novel green coffee bean extract suppressed dangerous after-meal blood sugar spikes up to 32%!


Neutralize a Lethal Enzyme

Seven of the leading causes of death in the US, including heart disease and cancer, have been linked to an enzyme produced in the body called 5-lipoxygenase or 5-LOX. The inflammatory fires triggered by excess 5-LOX create systemic pathological conditions. A superior form of a natural 5-LOX inhibitor has been developed that absorbs into the blood 52% better than previously available extracts.

Rebuild Aging Joints!

Most doctors consider the age-related degradation of joint cartilage and bone seen in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis to be incurable. Compelling data from animal and human studies show that a patented compound known as undenatured type II collagen targets the autoimmune factors behind arthritic pain, reducing swelling and restoring function in aging joints.

Why So Many Arthritis Sufferers Fail to Find Relief

The pharmaceutical industry mistakenly persists in developing one drug at a time to treat only one underlying cause of arthritis. But like most diseases, arthritis is not normally caused by just one factor. Arthritis sufferers who regularly take any single-target pain relieving drug at FDA-approved doses face life-threatening side effects. By contrast, natural multipronged approaches help relieve joint discomfort and offer lifesaving side benefits. For the first time, the 12 correctable causes of osteoarthritis are detailed, along with safe ways to combat them.