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April 2015

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Blueberries Boost Longevity Beyond Calorie Restriction

Blueberries delay the aging process by facilitating DNA repair and favorably modulating genes associated with aging. The ability to repair DNA is an essential longevity mechanism. When added to a calorie-restricted diet, blueberry polyphenols significantly increased life span beyond that of calorie restriction alone.


Olive Oil Offers Unique Cardiovascular Protection

Olive oil has been extensively studied as part of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Researchers have identified specific compounds in extra virgin olive oil responsible for expression of genes that improve HDL function, inhibit atherosclerosis, and improve endothelial function.

The Silent Epidemic Of Liver Disease

Alcohol is often considered the main cause of liver disease. The true culprit, however, is now obesity. Today, about one in three Americans suffer from a largely silent condition that can progress to full-blown liver failure. Find out how to best protect against risks of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Snow Algae And Novel Peptides Revive Aging Skin

Snow algae extract strengthens the aging skin barrier to restore rapid and natural skin hydration, while novel peptides boost collagen production to induce visible skin firmness and smoothness.

CoQ10 Combats Congestive Heart Failure

Patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure have been shown to have low levels of CoQ10, which can increase their chance of death by 50% within five years. Using the proper form and dose of CoQ10 can reverse these underlying pathologies and promote cardiovascular health and longevity.

The Beginning Of The End Of The War On Medicine

The US spends nearly twice as much as other industrialized countries on healthcare (per capita) and yet ranks near the bottom in many measures. With options becoming more limited for conventional medicine, change is underway as the Cleveland Clinic announces a brave new initiative to embrace functional medicine.


As We See It

CoQ10 Wars

A large human study published late last year showed a 44% reduction in cardiovascular mortality in heart failure patients who were properly using CoQ10. This same study showed a 42% reduction inall-cause mortality in CoQ10 users compared to the control group. In this historical expose, Life Extension® reveals how the FDA’s suppression of CoQ10 has resulted in more American deaths than all wars the United States has fought in combined.

In The News

Mediterranean diet lengthens telomeres; metformin boosts lung cancer survival; zinc deficiency linked to DNA damage; low vitamin D levels linked to premature death; whey protects muscles during dieting; and much more.

Wellness Profile

Debbie Sherrick

Personal trainer, herbalist, and holistic health counselor Debbie Sherrick believes optimum health begins with identification of each patient’s individual needs. In an exclusive interview, she reveals her longevity-promoting approach to food, supplements, exercise, and emotional well-being.

Author Interview

Rick Rosner

Rick Rosner, credited with the world’s second highest IQ and author of the upcoming Dumbass Genius, follows an extensive regimen of prescription and nonprescription supplements in an aggressive pursuit of science-based longevity.

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