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May 2016

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Omega-7 An Overlooked Fatty Acid

Scientists at Harvard and the Cleveland Clinic have been investigating a unique fatty acid, omega-7, which has been shown to increase fat breakdown and fat burning for energy. In one study, patients taking omega-7 for just 30 days showed a 44% reduction in C-reactive protein (inflammatory) levels. The discovery of omega-7 provides an opportunity to conquer metabolic disturbances that precede the diseases of aging.


Green Tea

Research shows that green tea protects against DNA damage while promoting DNA repair. A recent analysis showed that green tea polyphenols favorably influence 200 human genes that can protect against age-related disease. In a laboratory study, green tea-supplemented animals lived an average of 14% longer than non-supplemented ones.

Mediterranean Herb Guards Vital Liver Functions

Milk thistle helps the liver cleanse the blood of toxins and protects liver cells from free radicals, fats, and sugars. New findings reveal how milk thistle extract combats metabolic syndrome and may protect against common malignancies.

Lactoferrin Promotes Healthy Healing after Cataract Surgery

A common side effect of cataract surgery is “dry eye,” which can produce pain, poor vision, and reduced healing. When patients were given the protein compound lactoferrin one day after surgery, they showed a 95% improvement in tear quality and quantity.

Why the FDA Is Wrong about Testosterone

Black-box labeling by the FDA will scare many men away from testosterone therapy, which is well-documented to inhibit heart disease, metabolic disorders, lowered libido, loss of muscle mass, and quality of life. The FDA ignored overwhelming solid research and instead, based its decision on flawed and misinterpreted studies.

Early Intervention Delays Aging

Years ago, Life Extension® reported on research showing that elevated vascular risk factors in youth predispose people to higher rates of heart attack and stroke as they age. These findings have been confirmed by a Duke University study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This new data emphasizes that changes in lifestyle can prevent degenerative disease.


As We See It

FDA Suffers Major Legal Defeat In Federal Court

Triglycerides are a type of fat in the blood that can increase heart attack risk. Volumes of studies prove that fish oil can safely lower dangerous levels of triglycerides. Despite this data, the FDA tried to censor a manufacturer from claiming that prescription fish oil reduced cardiovascular risk. A federal court ruled against the FDA and allowed the health claim! It is vital that you know your triglyceride level through blood testing and take immediate action if it’s above 100mg/dL.

In The News

Metformin inhibits pancreatic cancer; vitamin D improves premenstrual symptoms; extended sleep improves insulin sensitivity; and much more.


Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans, a low-glycemic food, are a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, garbanzo beans are a must for any healthy diet program.

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