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Life Extension Magazine

July 2007

Innovative Physicians Abused By Establishment

Stanley Jacob, MD, has long fought to make DMSO freely available. Despite evidence supporting the efficacy of DMSO in treating stroke, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, arthritis and other inflammatory disorders, governmental agencies have chosen to deny Americans access to this remarkable, non-patented therapy.


Why Diabetics Need Testosterone

Edward M. Lichten, MD, has shown that type-2 diabetic males can achieve better glucose control, while reducing their reliance on insulin, when testosterone levels are properly restored.

Reversing Atherosclerosis Natually

A comparison of two recently-published clinical trials shows that a natural supplement derived from melon not only reversed signs of atherosclerosis, but did so better than a leading multibillion dollar prescription statin drug.

Regulating Blood Sugar And Body Weight

Elevated blood sugar can lead to obesity, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. A novel beta-glucan fiber can limit surges of glucose and reduce degenerative disease risk, while helping you maintain a healthy body weight.

Herbal Pain Relief

Those in pain have little choice but to utilize powerful medications, despite their side-effects. Research shows that an Asian herb safely modulates inflammation and helps relieve arthritis, joint pain, and trauma.


As We See It

As We See It

This month’s issue reports on the ordeals of doctors in the United States who are trying to save lives by breaking down the barriers that shackle medical progress. To understand why the medical establishment is so hostile towards new ideas, consider the savage attacks inflicted on a courageous physician in China who tried to introduce the most rudimentary improvements in health care.


Super Foods

Blueberries have a multitude of benefits, ranging from reducing cancer risk and cooling inflammation to enhancing cognition.

In The News

Why Dostinex® is still safe to use in prostate cancer treatment; green tea may lower lipids; pomegranate inhibits lung cancer; astaxanthin reduces exercise fatigue; vitamin D may lower MS risk; creatine improves life span in mice; DHA lowers blood pressure; atherothrombosis poses health risks; blueberries may prevent colon cancer; and more.


Wellness Profile

Dr. Henry Emmons has researched ways to correct brain chemistry imbalances utilizing supplements, including omega-3 fatty acids.

Ask The Pharmacist

Ask The Pharmacist

Calcium channel blockers, a treatment for high blood pressure, may lead to elevated homocysteine levels. Learn how to protect yourself.

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