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October 2015

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After 35 Years A Major Change

In a dramatic transition to enhance your supplement buying power, all Life Extension® members are now automatically enrolled in a new Your Healthy Rewards program. Loyal supporters now have more benefits than ever—at no cost! All other membership advantages continue including the monthly Life Extension® magazine, discounts on supplements and blood tests, and free access to health advisors. Current members now earn valuable reward dollars that can be applied to lower costs on future purchases.


Probiotics Provide Anti Aging Defense

Probiotics are becoming one of the most popular dietary supplements because of their crucial role in maintaining physical health. An innovative combination of probiotic strains—contained within a dual-encapsulation format—protects friendly bacteria from stomach acids to restore beneficial intestinal flora.

Advances In Fish Oil Purity And Potency

Fish oil derived from pristine Alaskan waters creates new meaning to the word “fresh.” Meticulous steps are taken to produce an omega-3-rich oil with a 5-fold reduction in the upper threshold standard of oxidation. The best has just gotten better!

Billionaire Philanthropists Funding Anti Aging Research

Far-thinking billionaires are funding innovative research aimed at discovering methods to slow and reverse pathological aging processes. The objective is to accelerate scientific advances that will enable humans to enjoy longer and healthier life spans.

Natural Support For Stomach Health

Almost 40% of Americans are infected with an ulcer/cancer-inducing bacterium called H. pylori. Japanese researchers have developed a unique nutrient combination that counters H. pylori, protects against excess acid, and guards the gastric lining against erosive drugs.

A Pioneering Treatment For Scleroderma... An Incurable Disease

There is no cure for scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that hardens the skin and damages internal organs. Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj has developed an innovative nontoxic treatment that uses stem cell-mobilized bone marrow to reverse lethal scleroderma tissue damage.


In The News

SAMe improves depression; aspirin inhibits cancer; LE editorial quoted in journal; CoQ10 improves Parkinson’s; vitamin E improves liver disease; carotenoids help prevent cancer; AMPK protects muscle; omega-3 promotes muscle mass; curcumin enhances chemo drug; and more.

Wellness Profile

Linda Reboh

A bodybuilder for 40 years, 72-year-old Linda Reboh credits Life Extension® with providing her with cutting-edge health information. In this exclusive interview, she explains her personal regimen of healthy diet, supplements, exercise, mindfulness, and staying mentally active.

Ask The Doctor

Finding A High Quality Fish Oil

Not all fish oil is the same in terms of nutritional content or purity. Dr. Scott Fogle, ND, explains how to assess a fish oil supplement’s quality, certificate analysis, and testing protocols to select quality fish oil with a safe, Five-Star rating.


Avocados Super-Enhanced Carotenoid Absorption

The fatty acids in avocado provide optimal absorption of carotenoids. Avocado’s rich fiber and phytosterol content promote joint, eye, and skin health and inhibit cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

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