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Life Extension Magazine

March 2015

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Linda Gray’s Longevity Regimen

At a very young age, veteran actress Linda Gray learned the importance of nutrition and exercise. Today, she looks and acts decades younger than her 74 years and brims with mental and physical vibrancy. Linda Gray reveals her lifelong and still-evolving longevity program.


Anticancer Properties Of Saffron

Researchers have found that saffron, a spice of the Mediterranean diet, contains cancer-preventive properties, which include inhibiting tumor formation and preventing DNA mutations that can activate cancer genes. Additionally, saffron has been shown to help reduce the harmful effects produced by chemotherapy drugs.

Safely Reduce Annoying Prostate Symptoms

Up to 80% of men will suffer from symptoms of prostate enlargement, resulting in frequent urination and possible bladder infections. Studies have shown that a new flower pollen extract can help shrink overgrown prostate tissue and relieve lower urinary tract symptoms.

The 2014 World Congress On Exercise Is Medicine®

The World Congress on Exercise Is Medicine® featured new research on the link between physical inactivity and premature death. The 2014 conference also reported on beneficial effects of exercise on fatigue, the immune system, and age-related disability.

Reverse Mild Cognitive Impairment

Scientists are recognizing mild cognitive impairment as an early indicator of potential cognitive problems, including Alzheimer’s. About 34% of victims progress to a total loss of cognitive faculties. Find out how to recognize the symptoms and reverse the trend with diet, lifestyle, and nutrient therapies.


As We See It

Best Drug To Treat Hypertension

One in three adults has high blood pressure, yet only 45% have it controlled. Recently, the FDA approved the sale of generic telmisartan. This drug offers blood pressure control, improves insulin sensitivity, boosts mitochondrial activity, and enhances endothelial function.

In The News

Calorie restriction inhibits “genetic aging;” gout drug benefits pericarditis; human brain cells replicated; CoQ10 improves Gulf War Illness; antibacterial soap linked to liver cancer; arthritis drugs may boost stroke risk; and much more.

Ask The Dentist

Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Periodontist and nutritionist Dr. Sanda Moldovan explains the critical importance of maintaining optimal oral health for well-being and longevity.

Author Interview

Missing Microbes

Dr. Martin J. Blaser, author of Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues, believes the overabundance of antibiotics has resulted in today’s health epidemics.



Parsley is now recognized as a superfood with an array of potent nutrition dividends. The volatile oils and flavonoids in parsley deliver potent antimicrobial and anticancer benefits, act as a diuretic, and even protect against vision loss.

Ask The Doctor

Novel Solution Effectively Treats Chronic Sinusitis

Environmental toxins and antibiotics contribute to chronic sinusitis. Ron Hunninghake, MD, chief medical offi­cer of the Riordan Clinic, explains how his research showed that a novel nasal irrigation solution reduces sinusitis symptoms for weeks.

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