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Life Extension Magazine

February 2003

Preserving Clear Vision

Elderly people in particular have high rates of cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Fortunately, research shows that degenerative eye disease can be prevented through lifestyle and nutritional modifications, including the intake of certain vitamins and minerals.


Should Parkinson's Patients Take CoQ10?

Although Parkinson’s is on the rise, current treatments used to manage the disease focus only on the symptoms, rather than its underlying pathologies. This article points to a therapy that may actually help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Anti-Cancer Foods and Supplements

According to the National Cancer Institute, what’s in one’s diet and what’s not greatly affects the incidence of cancer, or lack thereof. Take a look at the anti-cancer effects of naturally occurring compounds.

Chlorophyllin and Cancer Prevention

Antioxidants protect against cancer because they block free radicals. Chlorophyllin is an antioxidant that is especially good at protecting against DNA gene mutation and neutralizing carcinogens.

20th Anniversary

A revolutionary formula that has been updated 15 times is celebrating its 20th year anniversary. Here, we chronicle its evolution, detail its unique ingredients and celebrate its success.


In The News

Protect against gene mutation, the cancer-diet connection, green tea’s potent antioxidant protection.

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