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Life Extension Magazine

February 2004

Testosterone Attacked by the Media

Recently, the Institute of Medicine released a controversial book, Testosterone and Aging, which failed to accurately portray the multiple benefits of testosterone supplementation. In this article, Life Extension provides much of the critical information that was missing from Institute of Medicine’s book.


The "Hidden" Liver Disease

A silent epidemic known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is affecting millions of people. The result is a devastating series of disorders that can result in cirrhosis, liver failure, or even cancer. Here are the facts behind this alarming and preventable condition.

Creatine: The Strength Supplement that Improves Brain Power

Long used by athletes to increase endurance, creatine has now been found to be a vital ingredient in fighting various neurological diseases. Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s diseases can all be potentially helped by proper creatine supplementation.

Natural Agents Offer Relief from the Misery of Migraines

Over 45 million Americans suffer from debilitating migraine headaches. Medical researchers have now found that the combination of magnesium and riboflavin serves as a unique supplementation program for the management of migraines.

Curcumin Update

Throughout the centuries, curcumin has been known for its medicinal qualities. Now science is proving that curcumin has further applications for heart health, cancer prevention, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Profile: Avvy Katz

Saving pets from being destroyed and placing them in loving homes has become the focus for philanthropist Avvy Katz. Here are the details on his remarkable Pets for the Elderly Foundation.


As We See It

Statin drugs lower cholesterol, but deplete the body’s store of CoQ10, thereby creating statin-induced cardiomyopthay. Read what the FDA needs to do to protect statin users.

In The News

Magnesium lowers heart disease risk; melatonin deficiency and colorectal cancer; fried foods alter DNA; FDA warns of hormonal therapy risks; oral estrogen may increase body fat; estrogen-progestin therapy fails to slow atherosclerosis; angioplasty is superior to clot-busting drugs.

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