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Life Extension Magazine

April 2004

A Partial Reversal of Skin Aging

Collagen is an effective treatment for aging skin. Until now, the only way collagen could penetrate the skin was through painful and expensive injections. With the invention of a new transdermal delivery system, collagen can now be effectively absorbed when applied topically, resulting in a visible reduction in skin lines and wrinkles.


Resveratrol and Prostate Cancer

Published studies indicate that resveratrol may help inhibit the proliferation of prostate and other cancers. This exciting plant extract appears to interfere with cancer cell division at multiple stages, causing researchers to recommend further studies.

Why Aging Women Need Testosterone

Few doctors are aware of the important role that testosterone plays in women’s health and sexual vitality. In this article, Dr. Ed Rosick reveals how aging women can benefit from low-dose testosterone replenishment and how this can be accomplished without drugs.

X-Rays Vs. Sonograms

Besides detecting fetal abnormalities in pregnant women, sonograms can help prevent strokes, detect breast and ovarian cancers, and identify deadly aortic aneurysms. Learn how to incorporate this safe, effective technology into your disease- prevention regimen.

Profile: Norman Gay, MD

Champion bodybuilder Dr. Norman Gay understands the importance of proactive health. Here he shares his thoughts on proper nutrition, exercise, supplements, and other tools to improve our health and well being.


As We See It

Drug companies spent millions of dollars on Capitol Hill to pass the new Medicare bill that leaves taxpayers holding the bag and denies Americans legal access to lower-cost medications from Canada. But this war’s just begun—with drug prices soaring, local and state officials have begun to fight back.

In The News

Vitamin K1 retards bone loss; nutrients reduce cold and flu symptoms in the elderly; high cysteine linked to lower breast cancer risk; blood pressure drug found to raise homocysteine levels; lycopene beneficial after prostate surgery; exercise may help breast cancer.

All About Supplements

Perilla oil provides a rich, plant-based source of alpha-linolenic acid, the omega-3 fatty acid. Research now suggests that perilla oil may help prevent heart disease, strokes, and arthritis while reducing the risk of certain cancers.

Q & A

Questions from our readers on apoptosis, cholesterol, choline, acetyl cysteine, and more.

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