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Life Extension Magazine

October 2007

Should The President Declare A Health Emergency?

Government health officials have overlooked an inexpensive method to prevent millions of unnecessary deaths. A plethora of scientific data shows that increasing vitamin D intake can save countless lives from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


Maximizing Blood Levels Of Curcumin

Curcumin favorably impacts every organ system in the body. In a breakthrough development, scientists have been able to dramatically increase curcumin blood levels by using an advanced absorption technology.

New Advances In Regenerative Medicine

Scientists are now able to harvest adult stem cells as potential treatment for a range of degenerative diseases. Find out how you can benefi t from this technology as a preventive measure against the ravages of aging.

Erectile Dysfunction And Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction can predict impending heart disease. A leading cardiologist discusses why these two diseases are dangerously linked and what you can do to ensure a healthy heart as well as sexual function.

A Safer Option For Treating Depression

FDA warnings about the serious risks of antidepressants have led to safer alternative therapies. Evidence shows the effectiveness of using omega-3 fatty acids to improve mood disorders and cognitive function.

Planning For A Nuclear Emergency

If a nuclear incident strikes, are you protected? The FDA recommends potassium iodide to guard against thyroid cancer due to radioactive exposure, but most communities are unprepared. Here’s what you can do.


In The News

Men’s waistline predicts pelvic dysfunction; estrogen reduces coronary plaques; magnesium beneficial in diabetes; vitamin D’s heart benefits; cinnamon lowers blood glucose; Geron’s promising new anticancer drug; flavonoids improve mental health; and more.

Nutraceutical Update

Nutraceutical Update

Exciting new research reveals that the unique antioxidant lipoic acid can provide important protection against metabolic syndrome—a precursor to fatal diseases like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Learn how this multifaceted agent also guards against many other diseases.


Wellness Profile

Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler is a pioneer in the field of vision correction. Now, his practice has grown to overcoming the effects of aging through the Institute of Optimal Health.


Super Foods

Rich in phytonutrients, onions have been shown to provide powerful protection against heart disease and many cancers. Here’s what this beneficial vegetable can do for you.

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