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September 2007

Life-Saving Cancer Drugs Rejected by the FDA

While effective therapies languish in the FDA’s bureaucratic approval process, millions of cancer patients face near certain death. Here, we meticulously reviewn life-saving drugs that cancer patients need now and what you can do to help make this happen.


Cardiac Dangers Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Research shows that vitamin D deficiency can lead to congestive heart failure as well as distort the heart’s muscle structure. Read this physician’s report on how you can protect against these cardiovascular dangers.

Vascular Benefits Of Whole Grape Extract

Recent studies point to the broad spectrum benefits of whole grape extract in reducing inflammation and improving endothelial function. Read how this extract can dramatically enhance your cardiovascular health.

Fighting For Compassionate Use

Abigail Burroughs died after being denied access to a potentially life-saving cancer drug. The Abigail Alliance was formed to make investigational therapies available to those with life-threatening illnesses.


The Wall Street Journal has repeatedly criticized the FDA for denying terminal patients access to innovative medications. This Journal reprint documents the horrific price we pay for the FDA’s arrogance.

How Safe Is Inhaled Insulin?

Millions of diabetics welcomed the FDA approval of a new form of insulin that can be inhaled. However, research shows that this convenient delivery system may unleash unforeseen health problems.



Wellness Profile

Innovative physician Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, notes that cardio-vascular, neurological, and hormonal health are all critical for optimal sexual relations.

As We See It

Stopping Needless Cancer Deaths

Break the FDA’s lethal blockade of life-saving cancer drugs. Read how to contact your Congress members to enact legislation that will enable cancer patients to obtain safe medications undergoing clinical trials.


Super Foods

Olive oil is a key ingredient in the healthful Mediterranean diet. Its polyphenols can protect against numerous types of cancers and promote cardiovascular health.

In The News

Blood pressure medication may fight Parkinson’s, calcium and vitamin D
reduce cancer, exercise slows muscle aging, aspirin underused for heart health, and more.

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