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November 2010

Launch Interactive Issue

The Drug Virtually Everyone Should Ask their Doctor About

Exciting new findings reveal that virtually all aging individuals can benefit from the anti-diabetic drug metformin. The latest studies uncover the ability of metformin to slash cancer risk, rein in blood sugar, trigger weight loss—and mimic other favorable effects of calorie restriction!


Halt Age-Related Muscle Loss

Half of all Americans are at risk of the progressive loss of vital muscle tissue, a condition called sarcopenia. Find out how a novel plant protein blend can halt this erosion of muscle tissue and induce favorable antiaging properties throughout the body.

Novel Compounds from the Sea Promote Younger-Looking Skin

Hydration is crucial to combating dry, flaky, wrinkled skin. Scientists have discovered a novel link between the way marine organisms and skin cells retain water. The result is a sea-based hydrating mist that can boost skin cell moisture by up to 30%.

The Remarkable Anticancer Properties of Vitamin K

Scientists now understand the critical need to supplement with higher doses of vitamin D. Overlooked is cutting-edge research documenting the crucial role of vitamin K in combating a host of common cancers.

Flawed Analysis Misleads Public About Calcium and Heart Attack Risk

When it comes to designing human studies to evaluate antiaging therapies, the medical establishment is riddled with rampant incompetence. In these two reports, Life Extension® rebuts mainstream medicine’s ignorant and possibly corrupt allegations that calcium supplements and properly administered  testosterone therapy are dangerous.


As We See It

As We See It—FDA Delay of One Drug Causes 82,000 Lost Life-Years

For most of this decade, Life Extension® has been battling to force the FDA to approve a prostate cancer therapy called Provenge®. In April 2010, the FDA finally capitulated. The tragic result is thousands of lives needlessly lost as a treatment with documented efficacy was intentionally denied to terminally ill prostate cancer patients by our federal government.

In The News

Vitamin C boosts mood; blueberries protect against cardiac risk factors in metabolic syndrome; calorie restriction and exercise rejuvenate nerve connections.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile: Steve Foceri

Power, balance, lightning reflexes, keen eyesight: these are the keys to success in the equestrian sport of harness racing. Pro racer Steve Foceri reveals how Life Extension® helped him achieve peak performance with a tailored supplement regimen, including our whey protein, zeaxanthin, Two-Per-Day tablets, and glucosamine/chondroitin.

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