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March 2010

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How Aging Humans Can Slow and Reverse Atherosclerosis

Scientists long ago documented the ability of HDL to cleanse aging arteries of atherosclerotic plaque. Only recently, however, has the critical role of a little-known enzyme been discovered that protects HDL functionality in the aged. The assuring news is that nutrients used by most Life Extension® members significantly increase blood levels of this HDL-enhancing enzyme.


How Much More FDA Abuse Can Americans Tolerate?

Governments collapse when ineptitude and corruption reach such egregious magnitudes that citizens have no choice but to revolt. A startling exposé, FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse, questions the Agency’s ability to scientifically evaluate drug safety and efficacy. The irrefutable facts demand that the FDA be radically reformed—or abolished altogether.

Lower Cholesterol Safely

Many individuals believe they must rely solely on drugs to attain healthy cholesterol levels. The truth is that certain natural agents are just as effective. Substantiating research details how these natural lipid-lowering nutrients also reduce triglycerides and increase beneficial HDL.

Reduce Blood Pressure—Naturally

One in three Americans suffer from hypertension, one of the most dangerous risk factors for heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure. In traditional cultures however, high blood pressure is rare. Scientific evidence explains why—and offers natural ways to maintain healthy blood pressure that lie beyond the scope of conventional medicine.

Optimal Arthritis Control

Beyond debilitating joint pain and swelling, the inflammatory cascade associated with rheumatoid arthritis inflicts system-wide damage to the body. Arthritis sufferers, for example, are at 60% greater risk of dying of heart disease than the general population. New research reveals the power of novel natural agents to disrupt this deadly process and gain control over arthritis.

Don’t Fall Victim to Frailty

The relentless decline in physical strength and overall performance that comes with aging is far from inevitable. Key nutrients, hormones, and specific dietary measures can ward off frailty and restore youthful health and strength. A set of step-by-step, evidence-based strategies is detailed to supercharge your body and mind for lifelong vitality.


As We See It

As We See It

For thirty years, Life Extension® has exposed the unconscionable scientific and financial fraud perpetrated on the American people by drug companies. In an unprecedented development, a pharmaceutical giant has pled guilty to a felony with intent to defraud. For those who harbor any misconceptions about the true motives behind illicit pharmaceutical practices, we expose fresh evidence of drug company deceit.

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