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October 2011

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How Regulation of Medicine is Bankrupting the United States and What Congress Can Do to Stop It

Inefficient and corrupt government policies have caused medical prices to spiral out of control. The economic result of this calamity is that Medicare faces an unfunded liability of such magnitude that no one knows how to pay for it. Egregious FDA over-regulation stifles the very cost-cutting medical innovations that could restore the nation to fiscal stability. As outlined in William Faloon’s new book, Pharmocracy, the only solution to today’s health care cost crisis is to repeal draconian laws that have granted a virtual monopoly to the entrenched medical establishment. Unless a free market is restored in the medical field, no one, including government, business, or the individual, will be able to afford the artificially inflated costs of health care.


Slash Your Risk for Premature Death with Omega-3s

Most health-conscious consumers (and cardiologists) know about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil for heart health. Startling new data show that omega-3 supplementation can reduce your risk of dying prematurely by as much as 85%.

The Silent Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency

Iodine levels in table salt have plummeted in recent years. Nearly 74% of adults may not be getting enough as a result. Discover this widespread deficiency’s link to heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and breast cancer and how easy it is to correct.

Combating Age-Related Brain Deterioration

Your brain is shrinking at this very moment, the result of unavoidable age-related structural degradation. Starting at age 30, this process leads to everything from cognitive decline to learning disabilities. Dr. Eric Braverman outlines ways to reverse brain aging.

Novel Methods to Cure Drug Addiction

There is a drug-induced death in this country every 15 minutes. Despite the trillion dollars spent so far on the “drug wars” and addiction treatment programs that rely on counseling, relapse rates hover at 90%. One forward-thinking doctor has achieved a relapse rate of just 9% using specific nutrients, hormones, and gut ecology restoration.

Wheat: The Unhealthy Whole Grain

Generations ago, 42-inch waistlines were rare, childhood obesity virtually nonexistent—and no “fitness craze” kept people thin. In this compelling excerpt from his latest work, Dr. William Davis smashes conventional wisdom about healthy “whole grains” and makes the case for one of the chief culprits behind today’s obesity epidemic: wheat.


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Creatine reduces statin drug side effects; soluble fiber busts belly fat; fisetin prevents diabetic complications; and more.

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