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December 2011

Launch Interactive Issue

Suzanne Somers Uses Novel Stem Cell Therapy During Breast Rejuvenation

For most breast cancer survivors, the only options available to reverse disfigurements are implants or painful, often unsuccessful reconstructive procedures. Suzanne Somers has led the way in finding an alternative to these approaches. In this exclusive interview, Suzanne reveals to William Faloon the intimate, challenging, ultimately successful experiences that helped her reclaim her health, femininity, and well-being using a non-FDA-approved stem cell procedure pioneered in Japan!


Consumers Do Crave Healthy Foods!

A year ago Life Extension® posed the question, "Do consumers really want healthy foods?" The answer was a resounding Yes! Even though these cruciferous vegetable recipes cost more than glucose-spiking commercial soups, initial sales were six times greater than projected. Here we offer the rationale behind our pain-staking efforts to make recently improved versions of Cruciferous Vegetable and Asian Cruciferous Vegetable soups.

Link Between Alcohol and Cancer Death

A 2011 European study found that alcohol intake accounted for one in ten cancer cases for men and one in thirty for women, even in moderate amounts. The reason? Alcohol is metabolized by the body into a DNA-mutating compound called acetaldehyde. Fortunately, a number of nutrients have been shown to neutralize acetaldehyde, ideally taken before you drink or before going to sleep if excessive alcohol is consumed.

CR Way™ Success Stories

From a top New York executive to a surgeon in Birmingham, England, members of LivingTheCRWay are proving that calorie restriction can result in remarkable and rapid improvements in overall health. Using CR regimens suited to their specific needs and temperaments, one woman lost 100 lbs in 18 months, while an aging man completely reversed his osteoarthritis.

Outrageous FDA Delay Endangers Melanoma Victims

Melanoma is almost completely curable if caught in time, yet 30% of malignant lesions go undetected due to human error. With a 98% accuracy rate, you would think a breakthrough, non-invasive diagnostic device called MelaFind® would gain swift FDA approval. In this exposé, we reveal why this technology languished in limbo for years—and how stifling agency bias and negligence are sending similar innovations overseas.


Cover Story

Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer Breast Restoration

Joel Aronowitz, MD, is the surgeon who performed the groundbreaking Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer procedure on Suzanne Somers. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Aronowitz discusses the scientific intricacies of this procedure with Life Extension research scientist Greg Fahy, PhD.

As We See It

Bureaucratic Assault On New Cancer Therapies

One American dies every hour from melanoma. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma claimed over 20,000 US lives in 2010. Yet FDA barriers are delaying approval of innovative approaches that could have saved these fellow human beings. While technological advances are routine in virtually all disciplines, clinical medicine is the exception. It has devolved into a bureaucratic monstrosity that suffocates innovation while rewarding the politically well connected. How much longer will Americans tolerate a system that is a proven failure?

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