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Life Extension Magazine

September 2012

Launch Interactive Issue

National Institutes Of Health Discovers Protective Effects Of Coffee

Coffee contains natural compounds that slow dangerous after-meal glucose surges. A recent study suggests that coffee turns on genes that promote youthful cellular function and can reduce the risk of dying by up to 15%! Find out why most people don’t get enough of coffee’s protective compounds.


Quercetin: Broad-Spectrum Protection

Many of our most powerful medicines, including those for diabetes, chemotherapy, and cardiovascular health, are derived from plant extracts. The plant flavonoid quercetin has attracted scientific interest for its ability to extend life span in laboratory models and protect against a wide range of health problems.

Beyond Sleep: 7 Ways Melatonin Attacks Aging Factors

Melatonin is involved in regulating our internal body clock, but scientists are discovering that this hormone has beneficial effects on everything from heart disease and diabetes to bone health and obesity. Emerging science now suggests that it may protect our genetic material and guard against age-related decline.

Topical Lycopene Improves Skin Cellular Function

Studies indicate that topically applied lycopene defends against skin aging by helping to stabilize DNA structure in the nucleus of skin cells, enhancing skin-cell signaling and function, and inhibiting enzymatic activity involved in collagen breakdown.


As We See It

As We See It

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes the tragic experience of one doctor’s mother after admission to a hospital emergency room. Compelling motivation is provided for Life Extension® members to avoid being victimized like this.

Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

When two-time, Olympic gold medalwinning diver Greg Louganis was first diagnosed HIV-positive in 1988, he launched a very broad immune-enhancing program that has rendered his infection undetectable—a program he now reveals to Life Extension® readers.

In The News

Calorie restriction found to help preserve heart function; metformin as potential treatment for hepatitis C; olive oil lowers mortality risk; CT scan increases cancer risk in children; CoQ10 studied for Huntington’s disease treatment; and more.

Book Review

Book Review

Dr. Edwin Lee’s new book, Your Best Investment: Secrets to a Healthy Body and Mind, discusses the dangers of the sugar-heavy, grain-heavy American diet, as well as why the government’s Food Pyramid actually caused obesity.

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