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February 2013

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Towards Biological Immortality

Scientists are moving closer to reversing human aging. Life Extension® has funded over $2 million in research aimed at enabling doctors to inject progenitor (stem) cells that will regenerate our aging bodies. The objective of this historic project is nothing short of biological immortality.  An incredible new finding reveals that what most Foundation members already do can increase telomere length…thereby promoting healthy longevity right now!


Impact of After-Meal Glucose on Arterial Function

Heart attack risk is greatest two hours after a meal. The major cause is after-meal blood sugar surges that inflict acute and long term damage to the inner arterial lining. A new study documented that human subjects given an oral glucose challenge test suffer a 30-44% decrease in endothelial function. This kind of inner arterial wall (endothelial) injury is the underlying cause of coronary artery occlusion and ischemic stroke. Remarkable new findings show that people supplementing with gamma tocopherol before the glucose challenge had virtually no loss of endothelial function.

Breast Cancer and Glucose: The Surprising Connection

A review of published scientific studies strongly implicates high-normal blood glucose with increased breast cancer risk. A striking study in 2012 links high-normal glucose to brain shrinkage and cognitive decline. The take home message is to initiate aggressive actions to maintain glucose blood levels at the low end of normal range.

Improve Heart Muscle Function

New research documents the ability of hawthorn and arjuna to improve cardiac health. The benefits of these botanicals are enhanced heart muscle function and increased coronary blood flow, making them of particular interest to those concerned about congestive heart failure.

Multiple Anti-Aging Properties of Reishi

Reishi medicinal mushroom is best known for its ability to boost immune surveillance, which is critical for the detection and elimination of emerging cancers and infectious agents. An abundance of new studies reveal how Reishi’s unique compounds target numerous pathological aging mechanisms.


Wellness Profile

Wellness Profile

As a cardiac surgeon, Dr. Frederic J. Vagnini began to notice the lethal connection between heart disease and high blood sugar.  In order to save lives, he created the V Protocol—the cutting-edge program shown to reverse diabesity, the killer combination of diabetes and heart disease.  In his unique practice, Dr. Vagnini uses a protocol of current medical practices with complimentary medicine to create disease-free, longer lifespans for his patients.

In The News

Higher CoQ10 and B6 levels linked to coronary artery disease; increased vitamin D levels protect against osteoarthritis pain; N-acetylcysteine (NAC) protects against CAT Scan cancer risk; and more.

Book Review

Author Interview

Coauthors Stephen Sinatra, MD, and Jonny Bowden, PhD, have concluded that the traditional protocol of low-fat diets and statin drugs do not inhibit cardiovascular disease. As they reveal in their new book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, the real culprits behind heart disease are sugar, inflammation, stress, and high-carbohydrate diets.

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