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Collector's Edition 2013/2014

Prostate Cancer Prevention Controversy

Proven methods exist to slash a man’s risk of contracting and dying from prostate cancer. Yet conventional medicine is advising men to avoid PSA screening and drugs that not only reduce prostate cancer risk, but also relieve urinary miseries. Read Life Extension’s scathing rebuttal to the absurd position that aging men should do nothing to guard against this epidemic killer.


Restore Youthful Skin from Within

Youthful skin is rich in ceramides that moisturize the dermal matrix. With age, ceramide production declines. The result is loss of vital skin moisture and firmness. Researchers have discovered how whole wheat ceramides nourish aging skin from within to reverse dryness and wrinkles.

Reishi Extends Life Span

Immunesenescence refers to the gradual deterioration of the immune system. Reishi extract has been shown to counter many of the immune deficits brought about by normal aging. Impressive results from a year 2011 laboratory study suggest that Reishi extract may add years to the human life span.

Enhanced Astaxanthin for Better Absorption

Over the past decade, researchers have shown that astaxanthin’s unique molecular structure traps huge numbers of free radicals compared to most other nutrients. Its benefits, however, have been limited by relatively poor absorption ability. A new compound combines astaxanthin with phospholipids, increasing carotenoid bio-availability by nearly 12-fold.

Deadly Misconceptions

Most females aren’t getting the blood tests they need to identify reversible risk factors before heart attack, stroke, or malignancy strikes. Countless deaths could be prevented if physicians were aware of the need for testing critical blood markers that predict risk of cancer and vascular disease.

Forgotten Benefits Of Taurine

High dietary intake of taurine is a major factor fostering the remarkable longevity among Okinawans. This low-cost amino acid plays a key role in restoring insulin sensitivity, inhibiting obesity, and preventing arterial thickening. Many Americans are seriously deficient in taurine.

Mitochondrial Aging Reversed by Three-Step Strategy

Scientists have confirmed that three compounds not only reduce damage to mitochondrial DNA but generate new mitochondria. This knowledge is critical, as experts believe that the health of your mitochondria determines how long you will live.

Novel Method Blocks Esophageal Reflux

Various drugs reduce stomach acid, but none prevents the backwash of harsh stomach contents into the esophagus. The backwash of bile, enzymes, food-drink and acid exacerbates heartburn and increases esophageal cancer risk. A natural, raft-forming alginate protects the esophagus and functions by blocking the reflux of stomach contents—without drugs.

Potent New Weapon to Slow PSA Elevation

In a study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), prostate cancer patients with a PSA relapse after radiotherapy or surgery took concentrated nutrient capsules. After six months, the patients receiving the nutrient capsules experienced only a 14.7% median PSA level increase compared to a 78.5% increase in the placebo patients! This human clinical trial demonstrates the effectiveness of this powerful new natural weapon.


As We See It

Improperly Cooked Food May Be Aging You

Foods cooked at high temperatures accelerate glycation and chronic inflammation. The tragic result is weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. Life Extension® members long ago initiated steps to protect against the deadly impact of overcooked foods.

As We See It

Insulin Blood Levels in Foundation Members

An analysis of fasting insulin and hemoglobin A1c blood levels in Foundation members revealed that 66% had higher-than-desired fasting insulin—and over 20% had pre-diabetic hemoglobin A1c readings. High levels of these glycemic markers predispose humans to degenerative disease. Novel natural methods have been discovered to help regain glucose control, and reduce excess production of insulin.