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Winter Edition 2013-2014

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Restore Oxygen Flow to Your Brain

Researchers are recognizing that aging humans suffer chronic obstructions to their cerebral blood flow. This sets in motion neuronal injuries that manifest initially as memory loss, depression, and cognitive dysfunction. The long-term effect of cerebral circulatory deficit can be stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Find out how to reverse the suffocating impact of reduced blood flow in your brain.


Bio-Enhanced Turmeric Compounds Target Multiple Inflammatory Pathways

Millions of Americans suffer from constant pain and diseases caused by chronic inflammation. Today’s drugs target only a portion of the unwanted inflammatory factors. Scientists have identified three compounds (curcumin, ginger, and turmeric oil) that work across a broad spectrum to reduce chronic discomforts and long-term disease risk.

Defend Against Migraines

Alarming new evidence demonstrates that regular migraines may be a risk factor for many of the most crippling brain disorders, including stroke and dementia. As scientists searched for alternatives to the anti-epileptic drugs used for migraine treatment, they discovered two nutrients that effectively calm and balance the electrical storm of neurotransmitters that leads to migraines while nourishing the brain with improved blood flow to provide prevention and relief.

Sustainable Energy Without Stimulants

Aging humans suffer higher levels of fatigue, often complaining of brain drain, diminished energy, and chronic exhaustion . Two traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients have been uncovered that work deep at the cellular level to boost ATP, the body’s internal energy resource. When combined, these readily available plant extracts have shown the ability to fight all forms of fatigue, including mental, emotional, physical, and stress without stimulants.

Probiotics Enhance Defenses Beyond the Colon

Imbalance of gut bacteria can do more than induce intestinal or digestive problems — it may be a catalyst for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and respiratory infections. Two of the most studied probiotics have been shown to restore healthy gut bacteria, improve cell signaling, enhance immune function, and block pathways that lead to chronic conditions.

Turn “Off” Your Body’s “Aging Switch”

Researchers have located an “aging switch” that turns on chronic diseases by releasing chemical signals that generate chronic inflammation. In an exciting development, scientists have uncovered two natural compounds that suppress this “ aging switch” to put the brakes on premature senescence.

Enhanced Safeguards for Liver Function

Multiple studies confirm that milk thistle provides potent protection against liver damage and helps normalize elevated liver enzymes. Seeking to deliver more of milk thistle’s liver protective compounds, formulators have developed an innovative method that transports a 10-fold greater concentration of active milk thistle compounds to the liver for optimal health and function.