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January 2014

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Life Extension Fills Void In Government Funding

Due to deep budget cuts, research scientists are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain federal funding. Rather than see vital projects fall by the wayside, the Life Extension Foundation® has stepped in to provide new grants to scientists involved in promising fields of biomedical research. Seven of our recent grant recipients describe their work and its enormous potential for medical advancement.


Autism: The Importance of Vitamin D

Over the past few years, evidence has been mounting that vitamin D deficiency plays a key role in autism. Vitamin D regulates thousands of coding genes in the human genome. Research indicates that vitamin D stimulates specific factors in the body that can have a beneficial effect on this disorder.

Calming Neurotransmitters for Migraine Relief

Migraines are more than just headaches. They can cause lasting neurological damage that leads to dementia and stroke. Two natural agents calm and balance the storm of neurotransmitters that contribute to a migraine, providing effective natural migraine prevention.

Switch-Off Inflammatory Cytokines

A biochemical “switch” that turns on many of the chronic diseases of aging has been uncovered. Known as HMGB1, this molecule triggers the release of cytokines—a collection of chemical signals—that generate inflammation in your body. In a hospital setting, researchers have shown that mung bean seed coat and green tea extract counteract HMGB1, safely quelling acute inflammation before it becomes chronic.

Enhanced Milk Thistle For Liver Protection

Your liver performs over 500 life-sustaining functions that include defense against environmental and internally generated toxins. Silybin , a component of milk thistle, has been shown to reverse liver damage and regenerate liver cells. When combined with phosphatidylcholine, the delivery of silybin’s protective potential to the liver is increased by ten-fold!


As We See It

As We See It: Outwit Your Aging Brain

We are zeroing in on a prime culprit behind Alzheimer’s, stroke, and cognitive impairment. The term for this disorder is “hypoperfusion.” It means an inadequate supply of blood to a body part. Hypoperfusion causes a series of harmful changes that severely diminish neurological function. Life Extension® members will find comfort that their healthy life­style choices have been proven to help protect against hypoper­fusion. This article will profoundly change how neurodegenerative disease is viewed. It provides a rational basis to prevent and reverse circulatory deficits that cripple and destroy our aging brains.

Wellness Profile

Profile: Carmen Fusco, MSc, Formulator Of Advanced Skin Care

For the past thirty years, nutritional scientist Carmen Fusco has continued to innovate and incorporate advanced nutritional compounds in her highly-acclaimed Rejuvenex® skin products. Based on research, Professor Fusco’s formula incorporates proven skin-cell renewal ingredients to produce healthier, more vital skin.

In The News

Higher glucose levels may increase dementia risk; increased omega-3 fatty acid levels linked with healthier brains; hardening of the arteries boosts risk of brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease; vitamin D is associated with a 41% lower risk of death among kidney disease patients; and more.



Extract of mung beans, long a staple of Asian diets, has been shown to inhibit LDL oxidation, trigger apoptosis, dampen blood-sugar spikes, and increase satiety, substantially slashing the risk of age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

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