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February 2014

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Win The Battle Against High Blood Sugar

Excess glucose increases risks of cancer, obesity, dementia, and vascular disease. New findings show high blood glucose accelerates aging by adversely impacting our longevity genes. Dietary restriction of carbohydrates is only a partial solution. That’s because our maturing bodies produce too much glucose internally while glycemic regulatory functions are impaired. Fortunately, a low-cost approach has been developed to counteract the underlying factors behind today’s epidemic of excess blood sugar.


How Blood Sugar Accelerates Aging

The CR Way is a lifestyle that emphasizes delicious, low-calorie meals designed to help control glucose and insulin levels. Studies now indicate that the CR Way approach to calorie restriction activates genes that are specifically associated with longevity.

Overcome Fatigue Without Stimulants

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints among aging humans. Rather than turn to stimulant drugs or excessive caffeine use, you can now safely boost cellular energy by increasing your ATP energy storehouse. A potent combination of cordyceps and fermented ginseng raises ATP to optimize energy production without jittery side effects.

Bio-Enhanced Compounds Block Inflammatory Pathways

Scientists have identified three compounds—curcumin, ginger, and turmeric oil—that powerfully inhibit the multiple underlying factors behind inflammation. A bio-enhanced process enables the delivery of almost seven times more of these extracts to your bloodstream.

Brain Tumor Treatment Breakthrough

Perhaps the most frightening malignancy is a brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine may represent the most significant advance yet discovered in glioblastoma multiforme treatment.


As We See It

As We See It: Doctors Fail to Recognize Leading Cause of Death

Excess glucose damages the delicate endothelium that lines our arteries, setting the stage for coronary and cerebral vascular disease. Reducing after-meal glucose levels has the potential to prevent far more death and disease than lowering cholesterol. A recent discovery can make a significant difference in after-meal glucose levels by inhibiting over- production of glucose in the liver, impeding glucose absorption, and improving glucose clearance from the bloodstream.


Superfoods-Sweet As Sugar: Health Benefits Of Stevia And Xylitol

Two natural substances—stevia and xylitol—are known as safe sweeteners that provide alternatives to sugar. Studies show that both stevia and xylitol protect against typical after-meal glucose surges and reduce insulin needs. Stevia may also lower high blood pressure while xylitol helps prevent cavities and ear infections and may strengthen bones.

In The News

High magnesium reduces insulin resistance; beta-carotene, vitamin C, and mag­nesium improve protection against hearing loss; calcium with vitamin D protects against bone density loss in men; wild blueberries may inhibit effects of metabolic syndrome; compounds in rosemary and spearmint may reduce cognitive decline; resveratrol improved factors associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease; and more.

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